Baltimore Ravens' Dennis Pitta appeared on the E! show, "Fashion Police."
Baltimore Ravens' Dennis Pitta appeared on the E! show, "Fashion Police." (Lloyd Fox / Baltimore Sun)

During an episode of "Fashion Police" show on the E! network, Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta talked about his Super Bowl experience, and joked about the game being sort of an opening act for singer Beyonce.

During the show, which aired March 8, Pitta was questioned by host Joan Rivers about "opening" for the singer's halftime show, and said with a smile, "That was what I was most excited for, opening for Beyonce."


He also quipped that the singer, "took all of our power," referencing the blackout that delayed Super Bowl XLVII play during the second half.

Pitta also talked about superstitions that some players have – he said his own consists of saying a prayer before games, and also fielded a question from Rivers about the "Wednesday rule," which she said refers to athletes not having sex prior to a game.

An excerpt from the show can be seen on the E! website.

Pitta's appearance was reportedly part of a "Fashion Police" four-part series where athletes critique the wardrobes of other athletes.

Rivers noted that the Ravens had been the pick of the show's cast to win the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers, because, "you were the most stylish."