Sun coverage: A neighborhood abandoned

A Sun special report on the deteriorated area around the old American Brewery building.

  • Changes a long time brewing

    Changes a long time brewing

    Group celebrates renovations to exterior of historic American Brewery building

  • Splendor restored

    Splendor restored

    Long-neglected American Brewery building becomes a 'symbol of hope' for a blighted city neighborhood

  • Grant sought to clear block

    City officials say a block near the old American Brewery would be better razed; a handful of residents disagree

  • In a reporter's view

    Last October, I attended a street-side wake on North Bradford Street for a man and a teenager who were shot to death there. I made the visit while reporting for articles about the blocks around the vacant American Brewery building in East Baltimore. The resulting two-part series, "A Neighborhood...

  • Finding a Way

    Leaders and residents offer possible cures for the American Brewery neighborhood

  • Neighborhood 'abandoned' but not ignored

    Last Sunday, The Sun devoted much of its front page and three full inside pages to a detailed examination of life in an East Baltimore neighborhood devastated by the social and economic ills that haunt areas of the city, despite encouraging evidence of regeneration along the Inner Harbor and other...

  • Readers speak on the Web

    Here's what readers have been saying online about The Sun's American Brewery project and what might be done to help the neighborhood: "Take a trip up to Philadelphia and there are neighborhoods that are being revitalized by offering space for artists to ply their trade. Others who want to live...

  • Photographer learns pictures are matter of trust

    His night in the 'hood persuades residents to open their world

  • Building on fragile hope

    A tenant for the American Brewery building offers reason for optimism, but experts say reviving the adjacent East Baltimore community will require major public investment

  • Investment, but then a displacement

    As depressed as the blocks around the brewery are, some neighborhood activists are already worrying about a down side to new investment: the possible displacement of longtime residents. Consider the case of Alma Jones. Jones, a 76-year-old widow who lives alone, had been renting a rowhouse at 1722...

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