Pulitzer Prize-winning author Taylor Branch

Taylor Branch, is a Baltimore resident and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "America in the King Years" a three-part history of the civil rights movement. So devoted a football fan is Branch that his Welsh corgi, Zora, has her own purple Ravens jersey, number 00. "The most memorable game for me came when the Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders for the AFC championship on Jan. 14 2001. That was the game that got them in the Super Bowl. Bill Clinton was about to leave office and he was saying farewell to friends and I went out to Camp David to ask people about this diary we had kept secret for eight years [which eventually resulted in Branch's 2009 biography, "The Clinton Tapes"]. He said, 'no we can't,' because he still wanted to do some more diary. But he said I could stay and watch the Ravens game. Everybody was all dressed up, and I was in a Ravens sweatshirt. We beat Oakland pretty badly. They were supposed to be this big, bruising team, and we out-bruised them. That's the game where Shannon Sharpe went 96 yards for a touchdown. Clinton is a pretty decent football fan. He's an accomplished basketball fan who knows statistics and when players were drafted. He has to pretend on baseball. But, he was pretty good on football."
Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun
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