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CRP techniques can save a life

CPR and AED awareness week is celebrated this month, coinciding with new hands-only CPR guidelines recently published. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Sudden Arrythmia Death Syndromes are a collection of conditions causing sudden cardiac arrest, generally in young people who were not diagnosed or treated.


More than 295,000 people succumb to this syndrome every year. Approximately 95% of those who experience cardiac arrest do not survive. In order to prevent brain damage and death, CPR and/or an AED must be employed within the first five minutes. A person witnessing such a collapse can improve the victim’s chances by using the Hands-Only CPR techniques approved by the American Heart Association.

The recommended approach is to immediately call 911 upon witnessing an individual in distress and pushing hard and fast on the individual’s chest until emergency staff arrives or until an AED can be located. AEDs are generally available in public areas and included instructions on their use. The state of Maryland requires the devices to be available when there are youth athletic events such as school sports games. To learn more about CPR and AED usage, go to


The 38th Invitational Sculpture Exhibition will be on view at the Montpelier Arts Center until July 28. Artists from our region participating in the exhibition include Eric Dyer, Laura Beth Konopinski and Paul Daniel. These sculptors take various approaches to contemporary themes and structures.

Until July 28, Baltimore-based sculptor Marcia Wolfson Ray offers her work demonstrating the evolution of wood as art and the inter-dependency of humans and the natural world.

Until June 30, we can view Lori Ulmer-Hanson’s artwork derived from the human form. Wolfson Ray uses a diverse media including bronze, stone and clay. Summer classes at the Art Center begin June 24. For information on the classes and on the exhibits, call 301-377-7800.

State elected officials met with members of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Laurel Chapter 422 recently to discuss legislation passed in the recently completed legislative session and to preview issues that may be addressed in the future. State Sen. Jim Rosapepe, Del. Joseline Pena-Melnyk and Del. Mary Lehman represent Maryland District 21, which includes sections of Prince George’s and Arundel counties.

The panelists discussed keeping health insurance and prescription drug prices under control, expanding state child care credits and reducing college tuition costs. Initiatives have begun in each of these areas. Legislation was passed to increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 by 2025, with incremental increases up until the goal is reached.

There will be a large investment in education, roads and environmental clean-up as a result of bills passed in the legislative session. Of concern to many at the meeting was the initiative to widen sections of the beltway and Route 270. Increased noise levels and loss of property may ensue and the officials, as well as concerned citizens, will monitor the project.

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