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Silver Diner closes its kitchen after 25 years

Lease expiration leads to Silver Diner in Laurel closing.

After 25 years of business, Laurel's Silver Diner -- the second in the chain's history -- closed its doors on April 11 after the company decided not to renew its lease, according company spokeswoman Vicki Bendure.

On Wednesday, Bendure said that a lease renewal was discussed with the landlord, but with the lease expiring, they decided to close the diner.

"The lease was actually up two years ago and [the landlord] extended it. It was going to run through June," Bendure said. "[The company] looked at the economics of it and it didn’t make sense. I think it was that they had to look at putting a lot of money into it, [and] at that point, it’s a question of is it the best location for us?”

The nearest Silver Diner is 15 minutes away in Greenbelt, at 6040 Greenbelt Road, she added.

The company also offered all employees relocation to other Silver Diners in the area, Bendure said, with 50 percent of employees agreeing to do so. Severance was  given to all employees.

“I’m sure if you’re a customer, it may seem fast because [the company] didn’t come out and say, ‘In six months, we’re going to decide not to be in Laurel anymore,’" she said. "Sometimes, the lease and all that negotiation gets down to the wire before you can figure out what to do next.”

Bendure said the landlord was cooperative and "didn't do anything wrong" in terms of negotiations.

Despite the recent closure, Bendure said the company is "still looking" to bring Silver Diner back to Laurel, while also pursuing areas in Columbia and Montgomery County. A Silver Diner is scheduled to open in Frederick this summer, she said.

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