Three arrested in Laurel Radio Shack employee theft scheme

Laurel police announced Wednesday that three people have been arrested and will be charged in what they called a theft scheme orchestrated by two employees and a former employee of the Laurel Radio Shack.

More than $55,000 in cash and merchandise were taken from the store in two separate incidents where store employees told police the store was robbed, police said.

Police said Juan Abner Ramirez-Almodovar, 24, of Laurel; David Jamaar Dean, 23, of Temple Hills; and Reginald Fletcher, 22, of Temple Hills, face multiple felony counts of theft, conspiracy and other charges.

Laurel police responded to a holdup alarm activation call at the store, in the 900 block of Washington Blvd., around 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 4. An employee told police the store was robbed by someone who turned off the electricity on the store's breaker panel, cut the store's surveillance DVR system, assaulted the employee and took cash and mobile phones.

Using location data sent to police by a GPS tracking device on one of the stolen items, police located a vehicle containing the stolen device on Route 197. Dean, a former store employee, was the driver and was detained, police said.

After police found the store's missing DVR system, with a video recording of the incident, in a nearby Dumpster, $28,000 worth of cash and mobile phones were recovered from Dean's vehicle.

Police said the Dec. 4 robbery was similar to a June 25 robbery at the same store, where $27,000 in cash and merchandise were taken. Ramirez-Almodovar, a store employee, was present at both robberies, police said.

Detectives said Ramirez-Almodovar and Dean coordinated the bogus robberies in advance and they also involved Fletcher, who worked at the store.

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