Laurel Leader

Laurel Library should drop Confederate Civil War veteran Charles Stanley from name [Letter]

As a Laurel resident, I read with great interest the Feb. 20 article in the Laurel Leader and the letter to the editor from Lindsey Baker Feb. 27, regarding the Laurel Library branch retaining the Charles Stanley name after a new building is completed.

In addition to his public service, Mr. Stanley was an American Confederate Civil War veteran, having served as a private in Company B of the First Regiment, Maryland Cavalry from 1862 to 1865 (Archives of Maryland 2002).


In their letter, the Laurel Historical Society references how important "it is to understand the history of our community, in order to create a better future." As historians, why did they omit he fought for the Confederacy?  Is it not their obligation to provide all the facts? How do we define history?

I would also like to ask our public servants (Craig Moe, Mary Lehman and Tom Dernoga), why they feel so strongly that the Laurel library retain the Charles Stanley name.


I would like to commend the Library Board of Trustees for upholding the current policy on naming libraries after the location they are in and not after individuals.

As a taxpayer and Laurel resident, I urge the board to uphold its current policy.

Maureen Johnson