Wilde Lake High teacher to test knowledge on 'Jeopardy' Friday

Wilde Lake High teacher to test knowledge on 'Jeopardy' Friday

Wilde Lake High School biology teacher Brittany Franckowiak will test her knowledge on “Jeopardy” tonight at 7:30 p.m on WJLA-TV.

The 29-year-old city of Laurel resident will face contestants Pat McNamee, a certified public accountant from McLean, Va., and Lisa Evans, an office manager from Easthampton, Ma.

Franckowiak said the episode was taped in March, three weeks after she found out she was selected for the show. Interested contestants must take an online quiz to qualify and are chosen based on their test scores followed by in-person auditions. Franckowiak previously tried out for "Jeopardy" in 2014, but said she didn't make it past the in-person audition.

She tried again last year, and in February got a call inviting her to appear on the show.

"It was very positive, Franckowiak said about filming the show. "I had a great time."

During high school in Michigan, Franckowiak said she participated with other students in trivia quiz bowl tournaments, which she continued to do at the University of Pittsburgh.

"I was very enthusiastic about it. All that time, I'm also watching 'Jeopardy' because it was a great way to practice and study," Franckowiak said. "I used to say jokingly in high school and college, 'I want to be on Jeopardy one day.' Then, as an adult, I started thinking, 'I can actually try.'"

Franckowiak received support from her students, parents and others in the Wilde Lake community. The students, who cheered her on in 2014, were now high school seniors, but still very excited to see her fulfill a dream. Before her trip, Franckowiak said, many of her AP biology students gave her a good-luck note, which she carried with her onstage in Los Angeles.

"They were very supportive and encouraging. It felt good," she said.

Her experience on "Jeopardy" was just as good, added Franckowiak, who said she favors mathematics and science trivia, but also feels confident about literature, art and history.

"The 'Jeopardy' crew is really great," Franckowiak said. "Everyone's really friendly and very accommodating.There's a great energy and excitement level on the set. They respected that for each [contestant], it was really special."

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