Dogs have their day at Laurel's annual dog show

The competition was a lot fiercer than the dogs themselves Sunday when the city of Laurel hosted its eighth annual Dog Show at McCullough Field.

Natalie Bauchan, of Laurel, a veteran of the event, once again brought her 7-year-old Siberian husky Cammy to the event, and she walked away with Best in Show honors as well as Best Large Dog and Best Vocal Performance.


Twenty-seven dogs were entered in a variety of competitions, and others, like Sweet Pea, a blind Boston terrier, were just there to socialize. All were required to be well behaved.

About 50 people came out to the event.

"That's lower than we have had," said Bonny DuCote, of Laurel's Parks and Recreation Department. "We were battling [Ravens] football. That's why we might have to think about a different day."

DuCote said a variety of sponsors chipped in with gift certificates and treats.

"It was a nice day," she said.

Dog show winners

Best Large Dog: first, Cammy, owned by Natalie Bauchan; second, Buba, owned by Jamie Reigh; third, Lily, owned by Jennifer Anderson; honorable mention, Nellie, owned by Emily Sobieski

Best Medium Dog: first, Callie, owned by Kat Pearthrea; second, Juno, owned by Rachael Bajus; third, Laika, owned by Kristin Bukovsky; honorable mention, Desi, owned by Hannah Norton

Best Small Dog: first, Prince owned Haley Bateman; second, Sara Jessica Barker, owned by Lynette Snell; third, Dexter, owned by Barbara Foster; honorable mention, Charlie Brown, owned by Fred and MayAnne Beauchamp

Looks Most Like Owner: first, Gracie, owned by Casie Giddings; second, Sparky, owned by Margaret Orellana; third, Nellie; honorable mention, Prince

Best Dressed: first, Sara Jessica Barker; second, Gracie; third, Nellie; honorable mention, Juno

Most Affectionate: first, Gracie; second, Charlie Brown; third, Parker Sharma, owned by Amit Sharma; honorable mention, Desi

Best Vocal Performance: first, Cammy; second, Desi; third, Murphy Castro, owned by Veronica Castro; honorable mention, Sparky

Terrific Pet Tricks: first, Rio owned by Jenna Essenmacher; second, Juno; third, Freasky, owned by Jolyne King; honorable mention, Parker Sharma


Best in Show: Cammy, owned by Natalie Buchan