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Fall colors grace flowers and trees as coronavirus affects the season | West Laurel

Have you noticed a little chill in the air? It’s autumn and we are steadily losing our daylight, which always makes me a bit sad. The trees will begin to change color soon which will brighten up our landscape. Pumpkins and yellow and burnt orange mums already drape the front porches throughout our neighborhoods. Enjoy it now, as we will all be breaking out the rakes soon.

While teachers and students puzzle out distance learning, there are ways to make it better. Parents have set up classrooms inside their homes and teachers are working endlessly to make a difference to every single student despite the unconventional circumstances due to these times of COVID-19. There is more help out there.


Tracey Lally recently retired from Prince George’s County Public Schools after 30 years of service. She spent 20 of those years teaching at Bond Mill Elementary School where she was well respected and kept special ties with many of those students over the years.

Lally, still youthful and vivacious, wanted to continue her work as a teacher in another capacity where she could make even more of a difference in the lives of students. She founded her own company iHelp Coaching.


This retired teacher provides ADHD coaching to children, adolescents and adults. This venture was well-planned prior to her retirement. Then the coronavirus offered a unique situation as well, which is distance learning.

Lally said the new normal is very challenging for teachers, students and parents. She offers in-home or virtual-educational coaching designed to meet the needs of students. She points out that a child might need her to sit with them during a distance-learning lesson or help them manage all of the workload and time, or offer extra support in a particular subject such as reading. Sessions are usually 60 minutes once or twice a week.

Lally loves this new opportunity and adventure because she continues to support children with their learning as well as working with clients of all ages from elementary school to high school and beyond. For information about iHelp Coaching, call 443 677-7093 or email

Be on the lookout for the West Laurel Civic Association’s newsletter “Hotline.” The “Hotline” arrives in the mailboxes of all West Laurel residents soon. The “Hotline” will invite you to the fall general membership meeting on Oct. 15 via Zoom. The URL or connection to that general membership meeting will be posted in the “Hotline.”

One last mention about West Laurel Swim Club’s last hurrah for the 2020 season. Sept. 20 was the last official day. The weather was on the chilly side, with temps in the 40s at night. The pool water was described as “arctic.” Some members did get up to the pool to check out the last day. However, I think it’s noteworthy to give props to those who took the Polar Bear Plunge. Mom, Susan and daughter, Sara Moris as well as Daniel Ethridge and Ryan Seibert bravely took that plunge. Daniel and Ryan actually played in the water for about an hour before they turned into popsicles!

Be sure to contact me with neighborhood news; we need to stay connected in these trying times. Stay safe and well, my friends.