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Atholton wrestling beats River Hill for first time in more than a decade

Atholton win nine of 14 bouts to beat River Hill for first time in more than 10 years

Atholton junior Miles Easterling rose from the mat, flexed his muscles and screamed in jubilation.

“When I got that pin ... I just felt a rush of victory,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe it really. It was just amazing.”

The transfer student made his presence known Tuesday night, as his pin of River Hill’s Brett Schwab in a heavyweight bought sparked the Raiders to their first victory over the Hawks in more than a decade.

Easterling’s fall was the second of six straight wins for Atholton (3-2 county, 6-3 overall), which, despite forfeiting two bouts, clinched the 33-27 victory after a decision from Stephen Frazier at 138 pounds.

The host Raiders also beat Wilde Lake (0-5, 0-9), 69-12, to finish the day 2-0. River Hill (2-3, 4-4) beat the Wildecats, 66-15, to go 1-1.

“That was basically the match,” said Atholton coach Bruce Lindblad, whose team won nine of the 14 matches against the rival Hawks. “That was a toss up. I thought we could end up winning that match but he doesn’t usually wrestle kids his same weight – he only weighs 215. He’s a work in progress ... but he’s got a good work ethic.”

The Hawks had an early 12-3 advantage thanks to a quick pin from Jack Island (152 pounds) and a forfeit to Brad Smith (160). Raiders sophomore Sean Billups (170) earned a decision, but River Hill continued to rack up bonus points and took a 21-6 lead after a pin and decision from brothers Zach (182) and Alex Wasilewski (195).

Atholton, however, rallied behind a number of tight decisions, starting with Joe Lazzari’s 3-1 victory that he clinched with a takedown in the final 10 seconds.

Schwab took Easterling down early and narrowly missed nearfall points. Eatserling turned the tables, though, and took Schwab down to his back late in the second period to get the fall.

Sophomore Drew Pruett (106) followed with a 20 second pin to tie the dual at 21 and the winning streak continued through the lightweights. Sam Johnson (113) and Lian Khai (120) both used third-period escapes to secure one-point wins, and Derek Noppinger (126) methodically built on his lead and pulled away for a 6-1 decision to push the lead to 30-21.

“That’s what we do in the room,” Lindblad said. “We do situational drills at the end of practice – you’re down one, you’re down two, what are you going to do? You’ve got to keep going until that whistle blows. ... If you do it in practice it’s going to happen on the mat out here.”

A forfeit allowed River Hill to have one final chance for a comeback, but Frazier dominated and gave his team no need to worry in a 6-0 victory.

“It shows how much we’ve already developed over the couple of weeks that we’ve already wrestled,” Easterling said. “These kids have heart, these kids have skill. I’ve never been on a team that had more heart, skill and determination than this team right here.”

River Hill coach Kevin Cannon said holding Atholton’s top grapplers – Altamarino, Billups and Lazzari – to decisions should have been enough to come out on top.

“To shut down three of their top four wrestlers to a decision, that’s great,” he said. “We did what we had to do there but we didn’t do it in other places. Our beginning wrestlers are losing to their beginning wrestlers and the other decisions didn’t go to us and that wasn’t the expectation.”

Lindblad said this year’s squad is one of the best he has coached in nearly a decade, and he expects things to only get better.

“We’re moving on up and they’re all young kids,” he said. “Joe is the only senior; they’re all sophomores and a couple juniors crowded in there, but most of them are sophomores. ... We’ve had some good kids but we haven’t had the whole team. We can’t give up forfeits. When Michael Altamarino (138 pounds) is back and when we get kids to weight classes they are supposed to be at, that will solid up the team when we get to counties.”

River Hill, meanwhile, is also a young team and Cannon said he expects his team to improve as the season goes along.

“In general we’re getting off bottom and we’re OK on top,” he said. “At least we’re keeping it close when we lose now as opposed to some of our other ones where we thought we could keep it a lot closer.”

Wilde Lake is still searching for its first dual meet victory of the season, but coach Nick Sylor said every practice and match is a new chance to get better.

“It’s definitely mat time and it’s about the mentality that comes with mat time that this isn’t easy when you have a room full of beginners and they don’t know that upper level,” he said. “So it’s about committing to pushing each other and getting that mentality of, one, when I hit a move I’m not going to give up on it, and two, when they hit a move it doesn’t mean it’s going to work. So it’s about getting the mentality of what it means to be a wrestler.”

Atholton (3-2 county, 6-2 overall) – 69, Wilde Lake (0-4, 0-9) – 12

132: Jacob Mallo (WL) fft. [0-6]

138: Stephen Frazier (A) pinned Ayan Kazi (WL), 0:36 [6-6]

145: Cito Altamarino (A) pinned Tim Seidel (WL), 1:36 [12-6]

152: Alex Mattes (A) dec. Javier Aguin (WL), 6-2 [15-6]

160: Chris Fiorini (WL) fft. [15-12]

170: Sean Billups (A) pinned Hasan Linonge (WL), 1:13 [21-12]

182: Andrew Tartakovsky (A) pinned Jordan Fletcher (WL), 6:31 [27-12]

195: Kevin Qualls (A) fft. [33-12]

220: Joe Lazzari (A) pinned Taha Nasir (WL), 1:11 [39-12]

285: Miles Easterling (A) fft. [45-12]

106: Drew Pruett (A) pinned Sam Schmidt (WL), 1:57 [51-12]

113: Sam Johnson (A) fft. [57-12]

120: Lian Khai (A), fft. [63-12]

126: Derek Noppinger (A) pinned Steve Spooner (WL), 0:56 [69-12]

River Hill (2-3, 4-4) – 66, Wilde Lake – 15

138: Ayan Kazi (WL) dec. Billy Szeliga (RH), 10-5 [0-3]

145: Kenny Dustin (RH) pinned Tim Seidel (WL), 1:24 [6-3]

152: Jack Island (RH) pinned Javier Aguin (WL), 2:40 [12-3]

160: Brad Smith (RH) pinned Chris Fiorini (WL), 1:24 [18-3]

170: Zach Wasilewski (RH) pinned Hasan Linonge (WL), 1:55 [24-3]

182: Alex Wasilewski (RH) pinned Jordan Fletcher (WL), 1:28 [30-3]

195: Andrew Murray (RH) fft. [36-3]

220: Brett Schwab (RH) pinned Taha Nasir (WL), 1:00 [42-3]

285: Kai Uecker (RH) fft. [48-3]

106: Sam Schmidt (WL) pinned Connor Kelly (RH), 1:10 [48-9]

113: Eric Robinson (RH) fft. [54-9]

120: Matt Greenlee (RH) fft. [60-9]

126: Gabe Vineyard (RH) pinned Steve Spooner (WL), 1:29 [66-9]

132: Jacob Mallo (WL) pinned Liam Slade (RH), 3:06

Atholton – 33, River Hill – 27

145: Cito Altamarino (A) dec. Kenny Dustin (RH), 3-0 [3-0]

152: Jack Island (RH) pinned Alex Mattes (A), 0:25 [3-6]

160: Brad Smith (RH) fft. [3-12]

170: Sean Billups (A) dec. Mahmoud Elansary (RH), 4-0 [6-12]

182: Zach Wasilewski (RH) pinned Andrew Tartakovsky (A), 5:30 [6-18]

195: Alex Wasilewski (RH) dec. Kevin Qualls (A), 6-2 [6-21]

220: Joe Lazzari (A) dec. Kai Uecker (RH), 3-1 [9-21]

285: Miles Easterling (A) pinned Brett Schwab (RH), 3:57 [15-21]

106: Drew Pruett (A) pinned Connor Kelly (RH), 0:20 [21-21]

113: Sam Johnson (A) dec. Eric Robinson (RH), 6-5 [24-21]

120: Lian Khai (A) dec. Matt Greenlee (RH), 1-0 [27-21]

126: Derek Noppinger (A) dec. Gabe Vineyard (RH), 6-1 [30-21]

132: Liam Slade (RH) fft. [30-27]

138: Stephen Frazier (A) dec. Billy Szeliga (RH), 6-0 [33-27]

Other scores:

Glenelg (5-0, 9-1) – 73, Long Reach (1-4, 1-5) – 4

182: Jake Arnone (G) fft. [6-0]

195: Sam Alsheimer (G fft. [12-0]

220: Robbie Baxter (G) fft. [18-0]

285: Charlie Whitsett (G) fft. [24-0]

106: Kevin Hansberger (G) pinned Garett Cioffi (LR), 0:28 [30-0]

113: Logan Gwin (G) pinned Devon Smith (LR), 0:39 [36-0]

120: Tino Campanile (G) dec. Samuel Levine (LR), 7-1 [39-0]

126: Jared Thomas (G) pinned Rostam Rad (LR), 1:34 [45-0]

132: Ian Gwin (G) pinned Daren Smith (LR), 1:22 [51-0]

138: Nick Epstein (LR) major dec. Drew Sotka (G), 11-3 [51-4]

145: Dylan Istre (G) major dec. Nahun Elias Rivera (LR), 15-5 [55-4]

152: Jacob Jones (G) pinned Ien Saffer (LR), 0:54 [61-4]

160: Max Sotka (G) pinned Garrett Bowman (LR), 3:52 [67-4]

170: Garrett Murray (G) pinned Sudeep Behera (LR), 0:46 [73-4]

Centennial (3-2, 3-3) – 45 Long Reach – 27

195: Lucas Shapiro (C) fft. [6-0]

220: Vernon Batson (C) fft. [12-0]

285: Noah Bussink (C) fft. [18-0]

106: Garett Cioffi (LR) fft. [18-6]

113: Devon Smith (LR) dec. Peter Gruys (C), 8-4 [18-9]

120: Samuel Levine (LR) dec. Zaid Narmouq (C), 7-4 [18-12]

126: Rostam Rad (LR) pinned Jordan Carton (C), 1:44 [18-18]

132: Jacob Blyukher (C) pinned Daren Smith (LR), 3:31 [24-18]

138: Jason Kraisser (C) tech fall Nick Epstein (LR), 15-0 [29-18]

145: Nahun Elias Rivera (LR) dec. Mac McGuire (C), 13-7 [29-21]

152: Dwight Leiva (C) major dec. Ien Saffer (LR), 15-4 [33-21]

160: Garrett Bowman (LR) pinned Benjamin Jackson (C), 0:18 [33-27]

170: Wadeed Morcos (C) pinned Sudeep Behera (LR), 5:31 [39-27]

182: Parker Subasic (C) fft. [45-27]

Glenelg – 54, Centennial – 15

Howard (2-2, 2-2) – 42, Marriotts Ridge (1-4, 8-5) – 36

113: Ethan Bohan (MR) pinned Arjun Kundu (Ho), 1:03 [0-6]

120: Kyle Wiggins (MR) pinned Aaron Wales (Ho), 1:40 [0-12]

126: Ryan Keeley (Ho) pinned Jake Rosenbloom (MR), 1:32 [6-12]

132: Brad Foote (Ho) pinned Ryan Reeling (MR), 4:43 [12-12]

138: Shayan Kassiri (Ho) dec. Trado (MR), 5-3 [15-12]

145: Kyle Williamson (Ho) pinned Biro (MR), 3:17 [21-12]

152: Justin Hooper (MR) pinned Nathan Gabriel (Ho), 1:22 [21-18]

160: Austin Cestone (MR) pinned Bryce Hall (Ho), 3:55 [21-24]

170: Troy Grandstaff (MR) fft. [21-30]

182: Devlin Bradley (Ho) pinned Tommy Phipps (MR), 3:21 [27-30]

195: Naveed Mian (Ho) pinned Stephen Alam (MR), 0:42 [33-30]

220: Jake Wrisk (Ho) dec. Jamal Akund (MR), 8-3 [36-30]

285: Ritchie Pierre (Ho) pinned Gole (MR), 1:27 [42-30]

106: Will Vaxmonsky (MR) pinned Beck Wells (Ho), 0:58 [42-36]

Mt. Hebron (5-0, 14-0) – 42, Howard – 23

120: Yahir Lemus (MH) pinned Aaron Wales (Ho), 2:27 [6-0]

126: Ryan Keeley (Ho) major dec. Adam Scheer (MH), 10-1 [6-4]

132: Jamison Hulbert (MH) dec. Brad Foote (Ho), 3-2 [9-4]

138: Shayan Kassiri (Ho) dec. Bryce Kampert (MH), 7-4 [9-7]

145: Kyle Williamson (Ho) dec. Jimmy Hayden (MH), 3-1 [9-10]

152: Ali Pender (MH) pinned Nathan Gabriel (Ho), 1:40 [15-10]

160: Nick Suri (MH) pinned Bryce Hall (Ho), 2:20 [21-10]

170: Doyle (MH) fft. [27-10]

182: Devlin Bradley (Ho) pinned Zach Wilhelm (MH), 0:22 [27-16]

195: Shaber Ahmed (MH) pinned Naveed Mian (Ho), 3:54 [33-16]

220: Isa Pender (MH) dec. Jake Wrisk (Ho), 4-3 [36-16]

285: Nick Nordhousen (MH) pinned Ritchie Pierre (Ho), 0:31 [42-16]

106: Cassy Lopez (MH) pinned Beck Wells (Ho), 0:13 [48-16]

113: Arjun Kundu (Ho) pinned Doan (MH), 1:17 [48-22]

Mt. Hebron – 42, Marriotts Ridge – 33

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