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Oakland Mills wrestling dominates River Hill, Long Reach

The Oakland Mills wrestling team is officially in "phase two," and based on its 55-18 win over rival River Hill and 64-12 victory against Long Reach Tuesday night, it's safe to say the Scorpions have started their climb to peaking in February.

"I think we're really starting to get into the swing of our phase two," said Oakland Mills coach Brad Howell. "What we really want to see is skill and technique really start to be implemented and kids driving toward that, and I saw a lot of guys being very composed and relaxed ... We want to see skills and technique, which we've been really focused on in the practice room.


"I was really impressed with our performance and the guys look sharp."

Howell explained the four phases: skill and basic movement drills until the holiday break; building on "drill cards" and figuring out which moves work well for specific wrestlers until the middle of January; working toward the peak and "getting real competitive and focusing on conditioning," while shrinking practice times until the end of the regular season; and then "it's tournament phase," which is working on situational wrestling, getting healthy and winning titles.


"I couldn't be happier," he said. "We haven't even opened up the reigns yet, so I'll see how they respond to that soon."

The Scorpions (8-1 county, 12-5 overall) simply dominated on the mats in Clarksville. Of the 30 combined points they allowed in their two duals, 18 came from forfeits and another nine came with their JV wrestlers competing in the varsity lineup.

Eight grapplers — Jalen Cornelius (106 pounds), Daiquan Anderson (113), Kyle Farace (132), Johnny Rynn (145/152), Anthony Morales (160), Paul Johnson (182), Ernie Smith (195) and Kyle Boothe (285) — won both matches by fall or forfeit, while Ben Goldfein (138) and James Pender (145/152) also won both of their bouts.

Though the Hawks (3-5, 8-12) defeated the Lightning 48-24, coach Kevin Cannon was disappointed with how his team fared against a rival in Oakland Mills. He said the match was really lost from March to November.

"We had a few kids out, but given that or not [Brad Howell] and [Oakland Mills] trains all year and we don't, that's what the score is going to look like whether my guys are in or out," he said. "They're training all year long and we're three-sports athletes. As much as I don't like seeing that score, the good thing about wrestling is the effort you put in, you get out of it, and their coaches and athletes are putting in effort and it's showing.

"It's the offseason wrestling. They're putting in more time and it shows."

River Hill's Gabe Vineyard (120), Zach Wasilewski (170/182) and Kai Uecker (220) were double-winners.

The Scorpions got off to a hot start against the Hawks, winning the first five matches — including three by fall and another by major decision — from 132 to 160 pounds to take a 25-0 lead. Wasilewski won a tight 3-2 decision over Oakland Mills' Mulbah Kamara at 170 pounds to get River Hill on the board, but the Scorpions won five of the next six matches by fall to extend the advantage to 55-6.


The last match of that stretch featured state finalist Daiquan Anderson of Oakland Mills against the Hawks' Leo Buscher in a 113-pound bout. Anderson built a solid 8-1 lead and eventually won the match by fall late in the second period to improve his record this season to 17-1. The loss drops Buscher's season record to 15-3.

The Hawks won the final two matches at 120 and 126 pounds by forfeit and fall, respectively.

"Unlike the score of the match, I don't think that's what's going to happen again in the county semifinals or finals," Cannon said. "We wanted Leo to get down to the weight class and we wanted to give him a feel of some good guys. Not happy with the pin, but we got a feel for him and now we know what we need to work on in February."

Long Reach (2-7, 2-8), meanwhile, dropped both matches but is having a historic season. It knocked off Hammond, 36-33, to start the year and then avenged a last season's loss to Wilde Lake, 54-18, on Dec. 20. It's the first time in program history that the Lightning have won two county duals in a season, and coach Matt Bogusz — now in his fourth year at the helm — can see the culture starting to change.

"It's good to have those two victories but we're looking to continuing that and I think we can be competitive in other matches," he said. "We're dealing with some sickness and injuries — I don't have my best lineup out there now — but I think if you look at the matches wrestled tonight against River Hill (winning five matches), I think we did pretty well. ... Moving forward, the victories help a lot. Last year, Phil Watters winning a county title got a lot of kids inspired to come out. Winning that first county match showed them they could do it. We're looking to win a couple more matches and be competitive in a lot of them.

"The culture is starting to change and that's what I'm looking for."


River Hill (3-5 county, 8-12 overall) — 48, Long Reach (2-7, 2-8) — 24

120: Gabe Vineyard (RH) pinned Sam Levine (LR), 1:41 [6-0]

126: Rosstam Rad (LR) pinned Liam Slade (RH), 3:31 [6-6]

132: Daren Smith (LR) dec. Billy Szeliga (RH), 10-8 OT [6-9]

138: Nick Epstein (LR) dec. Kenny Dustin (RH), 8-2 [6-12]

145: Elias Rivera (LR) pinned Andrew Baitler (RH), 2:40 [6-18]


152: Ryan Kelly (RH) dec. Ien Saffer (LR), 7-2 [9-18]

160: Brad Smith (RH) pinned Prince Achoronye (LR), 1:56 [15-18]

170: Pablo Sandoval (RH) major dec. Sudeep Behera (LR), 12-4 [19-18]

182: Zach Wasilewski (RH) tech fall John Beckford (LR), 17-0 [24-18]

195: Andrew Murray (RH) fft. [30-18]

220: Kai Uecker (RH) fft. [36-18]


285: Brett Schwab (RH) fft. [42-18]

106: Garrett Cioffi (LR) pinned Eric Norris (LR), 3:03 [42-24]

113: Leo Buscher (RH) pinned Devon Smith (LR), 3:53 [48-24]

Oakland Mills (8-1, 12-5) — 64, Long Reach — 12

126: Rosstam Rad (LR) fft. [0-6]

132: Kyle Farace (OM) pinned Daren Smith (LR), 1:25 [6-6]


138: Ben Goldfein (OM) dec. Nick Epstein (LR), 10-7 [9-6]

145: Johnny Rynn (OM) pinned Elias Rivera (LR), 3:34 [15-6]

152: James Pender (OM) dec. Ien Saffer (LR), 6-1 [18-6]

160: Anthony Morales (OM) pinned Prince Achoronye (LR), 1:53 [24-6]

170: Mulbah Kamara (OM) major dec. Sudeep Behera (LR), 17-6 [28-6]

182: Paul Johnson (OM) pinned John Beckford (LR), 2:19 [34-6]


195: Ernie Smith (OM) fft. [40-6]

220: Khalil Abdul-Malik (OM) fft. [46-6]

285: Kyle Boothe (OM) fft. [52-6]

106: Jalen Cornelius (OM) pinned Garrett Cioffi (LR), 1:55 [58-6]

113: Daiquan Anderson (OM) pinned Devon Smith (LR), 0:23 [64-6]

120: Sam Levine (LR) fft. [64-12]


Oakland Mills — 55, River Hill — 18

132: Kyle Farace (OM) pinned Billy Szeliga (RH), 1:19 [6-0]

138: Ben Goldfein (OM) major dec. Kenny Dustin (RH), 10-2 [10-0]

145: James Pender (OM) pinned Andrew Baitler (RH), 2:42 [16-0]

152: Johnny Rynn (OM) pinned Ryan Kelly (RH), 0:58 [22-0]

160: Anthony Morales (OM) dec. Brad Smith (RH), 5-4 [25-0]


170: Zach Wasilewski (RH) dec. Mulbah Kamara (OM), 3-2 [25-3]

182: Paul Johnson (OM) pinned Pablo Sandoval (RH), 0:20 [31-3]

195: Ernie Smith (OM) pinned Andrew Murray (RH), 1:12 [37-3]

220: Kai Uecker (RH) dec. Jose Osario (OM), 3-2 [37-6]

285: Kyle Boothe (OM) pinned Brett Schwab (RH), 4:14 [43-6]

106: Jalen Cornelius (OM) pinned Eric Norris (RH), 1:33 [49-6]


113: Daiquan Anderson (OM) pinned Leo Buscher (RH), 3:55 [55-6]

120: Gabe Vineyard (RH) fft. [55-12]

126: Liam Slade (RH) pinned Zubair Gohmun (OM), 3:09 [55-18]

Other scores:

Reservoir (3-6, 5-14) — 66, Wilde Lake (0-9, 0-13) — 18

182: Jordan Fletcher (WL) pinned Tommy Tucker (Re) [0-6]


195: Dylan Altman (Re) fft. [6-6]

220: Ben Howe (Re) fft. [12-6]

285: Tyler Ecker (Re) fft. [18-6]

106: Matt Sims (Re) pinned Sam Schmidt (WL) [24-6]

113: Kaz Okamoto (Re) fft. [30-6]

120: Reese Kilcarr (Re) fft. [36-6]


126: Joey Donnawell (WL) fft. [36-12]

132: Hayoung Park (Re) pinned Ayan Kazi (WL) [42-12]

138: Jacob Mallo (WL) fft. [42-18]

145: Todd Del Tufo (Re) pinned Tim Seidel (WL) [48-18]

152: Jairo Dumas (Re) pinned Javier Aguin (WL) [54-18]

160: Connor Harvey (Re) pinned Brian Castillo (WL) [60-18


170: Michael Malin (Re) pinned Hasan Lingonge (WL) [66-18]

Mt. Hebron (9-0, 18-1) — 43, Reservoir — 34

195: Shaber Ahmed (MH) pinned Dylan Altman (Re) [6-0]

220: Nick Nordhausen (MH) pinned Ben Howe (Re) [12-0]

285: Tyler Ecker (Re) fft. [12-6]

106: Matt Sims (Re) fft. [12-12]


113: Kaz Okamoto (Re) major dec. Khlem Doan (MH) [12-16]

120: Reese Kilcarr (Re) pinned Yahir Lemus (MH) [12-22]

126: Adam Scherr (MH) fft. [18-22]

132: Jamison Hulbert (MH) pinned Hayoung Park (Re) [24-22]

138: Bryce Kampert (MH) pinned Justin Lee (Re) [30-22]

145: Jimmy Hayden (MH) dec. Todd Del Tufo (Re) [33-22]


152: Ali Pender (MH) major dec. Jairo Dumas (Re) [37-22]

160: Connor Harvey (Re) pinned John Ross (MH) [37-28]

170: Michael Malin (Re) pinned Gerard Doyle (MH) [37-34]

182: Zach Wilhelm (MH) pinned Tommy Tucker (Re) [43-34]

Mt. Hebron — 63, Wilde Lake — 9

Centennial (5-4, 5-5) — 36, Hammond (1-8, 6-13) — 34


106: Calvin Prudhomme (Ha) fft. [0-6]

113: Kam Thang (Ha) major dec. Peter Gruys (C), 12-3 [0-10]

120: John Lian (Ha) dec. Zaid Narmouq (C), 9-4 [0-13]

126: Micah Nowlin (Ha) pinned Jordan Carton (C), 1:09 [0-19]

132: Jacob Blyukher (C) pinned Jonathan Boller (Ha), 0:54 [6-19]

138: Jason Kraisser (C) pinned Jimmy Hill (Ha), 0:34 [12-19]


145: Mac McGuire (C) pinned Shamar Laing (Ha), 1:11 [18-19]

152: Jordan Davis (Ha) dec. Dwight Leiva (C), 10-6 [18-22]

160: Ammar Narmouq (C) pinned Isaiah Lindsey (Ha), 1:59 [24-22]

170: Nasim Sanders (Ha) dec. Wadeed Morcos (C), 12-5 [24-25]

182: Parker Subasic (C) fft. [30-25]

195: Tyler Walters (Ha) dec. Lucas Shapiro (C), 4-3 [30-28]


220: Vernon Batson (C) pinned Loic Tueguo (Ha), 4:46 [36-28]

285: Justin Andrews (Ha) pinned Noah Bussink (C), 1:57 [36-34]

Marriotts Ridge (5-4, 12-5) — 40, Centennial — 39 *

120: Chris Spano (MR) fft. [6-0]

126: Brett Gladstone (MR) pinned Zaid Narmouq (C), 1:21 [12-0]

132: Jacob Blyukher (C) pinned Ryan Reeling (MR), 1:21 [12-6]


138: Jason Kraisser (C) pinned Zach Siegel (MR), 0:24 [12-12]

145: Jake Fratta (MR) dec. Mac McGuire (C), 6-4 [15-12]

152: Justin Hooper (MR) pinned Dwight Leiva (C), 5:47 [21-12]

160: Ammar Narmouq (C) pinned Austin Cestone (MR), 3:01 [21-18]

170: Troy Grandstaff (MR) pinned Wadeed Morcos (C), 2:12 [27-18]

182: Parker Subasic (C) pinned Thomas Phipps (MR), 5:32 [27-24]


195: Lucas Shapiro (C) pinned Stephen Alam (MR), 2:42 [27-30]

220: Vernon Batson (C) pinned Ron Gula (MR), 0:44 [27-36]

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285: Noah Bussink (C) dec. Tyler Vandenberg (MR), 9-7 [27-39]

106: Will Vaxmonsky (MR) fft. [33-39]

113: Ethan Bohan (MR) pinned Peter Gruys (C), 0:19 [39-39]

*Marriotts Ridge wins on Criteria I — most near falls


Marriotts Ridge — 66, Hammond — 21

Glenelg (9-0, 17-1) —54, Howard — 24

Glenelg — 49, Atholton — 18