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County gymnasts make US National Teams for acrobatic gymnastics

Howard County, MD — Several county gymnasts from Emilia's Acrobatics & Gymnastics Club in Laurel made the U.S. National Teams for Acrobatic Gymnastics with their performances at the USA Gymnastics Championships, held July 3-7 at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in North Carolina.

Gymnasts from the club also earned five gold medals, according to a press release July 29.


Elanor Chang (Columbia) joined Calista Davis and Madison Freed to win a gold medal in the Senior Elite Women's Group, while Isabel Chang (Columbia) and Caitlyn Kicza (Woodbine) competed with Alexandra Gladkova to take silver in the same group. Both trios were named to the Senior National Team.

In the Senior Elite Men's Group, Daniel Disman (Clarksville) and Grant Shields and Sean Shields, both of Columbia, performed with Sean Butehorn. The foursome secured gold, therefore also making the Senior National Team.


Named to the Junior National Team was Micah Whiteman (Columbia), who won gold with Marisa Gatson and Olivia Struble in the Elite 13-19 Women's Group.

Rounding out the national team qualifiers were Ethan Chang, Sam Lacy and Cade Shields — all from Columbia — who competed with Devon Freed to capture gold in the 11-16 Men's Group, and Jessica Kicza (Woodbine), who paired with Mariam Tutberidze to snag a silver in the 11-16 Women's Pair.

Other top performers from the event included:

Level 6 Women's Pair: 3. Hailee Austin and Victoria Nemirovsky.

Level 6 Men's Pair: 2. Roman Rawls-Blodgett and Artem Skalozub.

Level 6 Women's Group: 3. Mira Bednash, Lilly Jennings, and Ayden Rawls-Blodgett; 7. Marley Beavers, Allison Huling, and Sidney Sotuyo.

Level 7 Women's Pair: 2. Genevieve Bednash and Cate Lacy.

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Level 7 Women's Group: 3. Hayden Johnson, Sara-Emma Reed, and Samantha Ruckert; 6. Amira Akuffo, Iyana Brumfield, and Ayana Williams.


Level 8 Women's Pair: 2. La'Nae Codlin and Alena Donohue-Moll.

Level 8 Men's Pair: 1. DJ Buckshaw and Luca LeClaire.

Level 8 Women's Group: 2. Meghan Kampmann, Cate Lacy, and Cecelia Shadrick; 13. Emily Nelson, Nicole Nemirovsky, and Aadya Sharma.

Level 11-16 Women's Group: 8. Alexis Bond, Ariana Nelson, and Kayla Nemirovsky.

Level 12-18 Women's Group: 3. Katelyn Herberholz, Emma Jennings, and Mariam Tutberidze.

Acrobatic gymnastics is a gymnastics discipline that combines dance with acrobatics and tumbling. There are five categories: mixed pairs, men's pairs, women's pairs, women's groups and men's groups, with various difficulty levels and age groups within each category.

Jessica Kicza and Mariam Tutberidze, an 11-16 Women’s Pair, earned a silver medal and were named to the 11-16 Age Group Team.

(Video Courtesy Of Emilia’S Acrobatics & Gymnastics Club)