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Marriotts Ridge junior Caroline Blalock helping set pace for Mustangs girls lacrosse

Caroline Blalock helping set pace for Mustangs

Even with the new schedule alignments, the Marriotts Ridge girls lacrosse team has rolled through its opponents this year, starting the season an impressive 11-0 before suffering the team’s first loss on April 30 against national powerhouse McDonogh. Junior midfielder Caroline Blalock has been a big part of the Mustangs success this season, as she’s totaled 33 goals and 13 assists thus far. 

Blalock sat down with girls lacrosse beat writer Monica D’Ippolito and talked about expectations this season, what it’s like being a three-sport athlete and her relationship with her twin-sister Sarah, who also stars on the Marriotts Ridge field hockey, basketball and girls lacrosse team with her.

When you guys saw your schedule, were you excited about taking on harder opponents throughout the season?

Yeah, I think we all were. Because some of the games we played last year, they weren’t as fun and not as competitive.

An early game you played this season was against Century at the Catonsville Tournament. How did it feel beating them after they knocked you guys out of the playoffs last year?

We beat them by like, I want to say five goals maybe? (It felt) amazing. The coach was freaking out and yelling. The Century team, you can tell was getting frustrated. It was a nice feeling.

Do you still think about that one-goal playoff loss against them?

Well — it’s because in the end (with a chance to tie it), we had an eight-meter, our team was about to shoot and they called a stick check and then there was movement on the eight. We thought we had a wide-open girl on the crease and we came back from the stick check and there was a Century girl right next to her.

What kind of statement did you guys want to make this year coming off a loss like Century last season?

We wanted to prove that Marriotts Ridge is a good team and we’re not rebuilding or anything, we’re still here. I remember in the beginning of the season all the focus was on Hebron and Glenelg, and even Howard, nothing was really said about Marriotts Ridge, so we’re kind of like sneaking in showing everybody that we’re here and watch out.

Your final regular season game is against Mt. Hebron. Are you excited for that one?

Hebron, it’s always a big rivalry. It’s also a double header with the guys, so I think we’ll bring our A-game.

Compared to last season, is this team the most talented you’ve been on?

I think this is the most talented team because we have more depth. Even when there are subs on we know the people coming in are still talented. And I think we’ve had the most speed this year. I think everyone — since last year we really didn’t get all the way to states — I think this year the drive to win is stronger, so I think we have more heart too.

Have you guys talked about states during the season or do you just take it one game at a time?

We did goal setting in the beginning of the year. Our end goal, which everyone said was states — but in practices we just look at it as one game at a time.

Will it feel like a lost season if you don’t make it to the state championship game?

I would say so, because I really want to make it to states and I think our team should and has the capability to make it to states. So if something happens it would just be awful and terrible.

Are you already committed to play lacrosse in college?

Yeah to the University of Louisville, (my twin-sister) Sarah is too.

Did you and your sister want to play in college together?

We talked about it. There was only one point where I looked somewhere else that she didn’t, but if we were going to go somewhere as far away as Louisville I didn’t want to go alone. We mostly looked together.

Are you going to room together?

We haven’t decided yet. I’m open to it, but Sarah is still hesitant because she says I’m a messy person.

Do you live in the same room at home?

This year we just moved out into our own rooms. I don’t mind, and at Louisville you get your own room.

What did you like about Louisville that really pushed your decision?

I liked how it was huge on sports, like basketball and football. And it’s a big school, but I’s not overwhelmingly big I’d say. They’re really honored when they wore their jerseys. You can tell being a Cardinal was important and just the atmosphere — push yourself and hard work and stuff.

How would you describe your relationship with your sister?

We spend like 24-7 together — there was only one night where we weren’t together and tears may have been shed. We’re really close. We’re competitive. We do fight, but it’s healthy fighting I’d say.

What’s the most common twin question you get?

Are you identical or fraternal, which I think is weird because we don’t look anything alike. But I guess most people don’t know the difference, I don’t know.

Do people ever mix you up?

I think they mix up the name with the face. Because they are sometimes like Sarah (to me). It’s very rare now, with like coach (Amanda) Brady and them, but it sometimes happens.

Is it fun playing three sports (field hockey, basketball and lacrosse) with Sarah?

Yes and we can practice together and talk about it. Sometimes I think (because) we’re just together all the time, we nag on each other. I used to get yelled at because if we were doing something wrong in the game I’d only yell at Sarah, because I can yell at her. I won’t get in trouble for yelling at someone else.

Does she ever get frustrated when you do that?

Yeah. Like during a basketball game, coach (Caitlin) Bay had to talk to me, ‘You can’t yell at Sarah anymore, she’s trying her best,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m sorry’ and then Sarah is all upset — it was kind of funny.

Who’s older?

I am, by two minutes.

Do you feel like the older sister?

Yeah. Well it’s also like my mom treated Sarah like the baby, so I feel like the older one.

You were awarded with an honorable mention nomination for basketball this season, how did you feel when you found out?

I was surprised, just usually I’d think the better record teams get those. I was proud to get it, because I know there’s not that many Marriotts Ridge people that get that award for basketball.

What’s a goal you really want to accomplish before you graduate?

States. I remember when I first (started playing) I said I wanted to do states in all three sports, but that would be hard… We went to states last year (in field hockey) but we lost 2-0… I think basketball next year we’ll be better. And we will have a similar starting five. I made it my freshman year on varsity, and the starting lineup has been very similar. We’re young.

How awesome would it be to play in the state championship game for two different sports in the same year?

That would be so cool. Hopefully we’ll win this one if we make it there.

Any individual accolades you want to accomplish?

I know senior year there’s a most athletic and I think it would be cool if Sarah and I both won it. My mom always says that, like it would be awful if only one of you guys got it since both of us play.

Obviously you have a couple months left of your junior year, but going into your senior year are you excited to play field hockey and basketball one last time?

It’s weird to think about my last time. I probably would want to do a basketball summer league or club during college, or try to, but we’ll see.

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