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Ulman portrait unveiled at Howard County headquarters

Ken Ulman may have just a week and a half left in office as Howard County executive, but his image will stick around the county's Ellicott City headquarters even after he packs up his office.

Wednesday evening, Ulman unveiled his official portrait, which joins those of the county's seven previous executives on a wall in the main lobby of the George Howard building.

The portrait, shot by Savage-based photographer Danielle Lavis, is the first to feature a county executive outside. Ulman said he chose the Robinson Nature Center as the background for his official picture "to reflect the progress we've made, especially when it comes to sustainability and preparing the county for the future."

In a speech before the unveiling, Ulman looked back on his two terms as county executive, touching on accomplishments that include top-ranked schools and libraries, the completion of the intercounty broadband network, job growth and planning for downtown Columbia.

"When I look back over the last 8 years, the work that was done here gave us an unbelievable platform from which to grow, and from Day 1 we focused on the basics," including education and quality of life, he said. "But I do want to tell you that none of these things happened by accident. They happened because we've got a great team that invested the taxpayer dollars well."

Another first for Ulman's portrait: he's the only county executive not wearing a tie. The reason?

"Those who know me know I hate wearing ties," he said. "I wanted it to reflect who I am."