Le monde est un cercle. C'est vrai. The world is a circle, indeed, and nowhere was that more in evidence than this summer when Ellen and Ken Nibali of West Friendship welcomed Stan Dupuy, a visitor from France.

Stan, who is the equivalent of a junior in high school in the suburban Parisian town where he lives, is the nephew of Thierry Dupuy, whom the Nibali family hosted when he was student during the 1980's. Thierry is married now and has two children.


The Dupuy family and the Nibali family have forged an international friendship, which has included a visit to France by the West Friendship family in the 1990's and now, coming full circle, a return to the United States by Thierry's nephew Stan.

Ellen Nibali's family scrapbooks include pages of photos of Thierry and the Nibali's son Ben back in the 1980's, visiting famous tourist sites in the United States and enjoying a family beach vacation in North Carolina.

Fast forward to 2014 when, once again, Ken and Ellen took Stan to the Outer Banks, an area he proclaimed as one of his favorites. The timing was right for a sports-loving teen to visit, as the World Cup in July and the Tour de France bicycle race made for riveting big screen viewing.

Ironically, the winner of the Tour de France was Vincenzo Nibali, a perfect nod to the West Friendship host family, whose youngest son is named Vincent Nibali. During Stan's stay in this area he visited Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Stony Creek, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and even a trek to the Howard County Fair.

Favorites for the French teenager were the outing to Baltimore by boat, captained by Ken Nibali, the tour of Washington with the Nibali's grandson, Lime Kiln Middle school eighth grader Evan May and the Nibali's neighbor, tenth grade Glenelg High student James Coyne.

Dupuy got his swing just right playing golf on local courses as well. By now Stan Dupuy is back in France and hard at work with his school studies just outside Paris. Ken and Ellen are filling in yet another scrapbook of photos of a treasured new friend. C'est bon.

Carole Kramer, head honcho for the Shepherd of the Glen Lutheran Church annual book sale, shouts a rousing, "Come on out." The 19th annual book sale is in place and ready to go.

Located at 14551 Burntwoods Road, the sale is the largest used book sale in Howard County. Current fiction , selections by local authors, nonfiction galore, DVD's, antiquarian books, children's volumes, CD's, records, paperbacks, over sized "coffee table" type books — you name it they've got it.

The sale is set for Sept. 11 and 12, 3 to 7 p.m., and Sept. 13, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A "fill a bag" sale event will be in place on Sept. 13. Come fill out your fall and winter reading needs during this incredible once a year book sale. Proceeds from this, the largest book sale in Howard County, go to a variety of charitable efforts.

Stop by Greenbridge Pottery on Sept. 13 for the annual Demonstration Day, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Becky Moy cautions folks to "dress to get in the mud." The day-long event is meant as an opportunity for the Greenbridge potters to introduce people to the how-to of pottery. Children and adults can try their hand at the pottery wheel and "play in the clay." Greenbridge Pottery is at 5159 Greenbridge Road in Dayton.