YMCA becomes a Chamber of Horrors in 1965 [History Matters]

September 1965

Thrills in a basement


"Horrors, Horses, Hot dogs, at Y World Service Fete

"The YMCA World Service Fund will be close to $400 richer, thanks to over two hundred people who braved a Chamber of Horrors.


"The eerie walk through the spookie basement of the YMCA on Montgomery road was one of the most popular features of the carnival held last Saturday for benefit of the overseas work of the Y. Youngsters also gave the two horses, loaned for the occasion by Jason Parker, quite a workout and learned about the future from the old Indian palm reader. With hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers being stuffed into hungry jaws, fun and food filled the afternoon."

"Columbia Hills: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tewey and children of Winding Way recently spent a vacation week at Ocean City. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norris of Spring Valley Road last week were Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Bedry and children Ronnie and Ann of Brielle, New Jersey, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Bedry are sisters."

September 1924

Radio — link to the world

"Radio A Factor In County Life: Music, Lectures And General Information No Longer Out of Reach of Country Folk

"A few years ago the person who suggested that one might hear the voice of another person many miles distant without a wire to carry the sound was thought to be carrying his hobby just a bit too far and becoming queer. During this summer, millions of the proceedings of the National Conventions as closely as if they were present, by means of radio.

"Radio is doing much for religion. A farmer's wife said recently, 'I did so want to go to church on Sunda,y but after picking strawberries all week, I just could not get myself and the children ready in time.' But the tired farmer and his family can hear good sermons from churches of every denomination.

"Concerts have been out of the question for most country folks because of the inconvenience of going to the city at night, as well as the expense of carfare in addition to admission. Now the Army, Navy and Marine band concerts have become regular features in the homes of many, as have the delightful songs, violin music and other offerings by high class artists.

"No longer are all the advantages of public libraries and lectures for city school children. In the past year right here in Howard County, have been heard lectures on the discoveries of Lief Ericson and other Scandinavian explorers. Life Among the Zulus, The Temples of India, History of thanksgiving, the Natural Resources of Argentina, Wok of the coast guard, Arctic Explorations and the like interest.

"For the farmer are the market reports; talks by experts of the Department of Agriculture; care of the automobile; poultry raising, etc."

September 1890

Agitating in Sykesville


"Sykesville Affairs: The question of a watchman at the railroad crossing here, as agitated in the Times, has attracted attention, and among the first fruits of the timely agitation is petition, which has been placed before the county commissioners of Carroll County by residents of Sykesville and vicinity asking that the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad place a flagman, watchman or safety gates at the railroad crossing at Sykesville, under Act of Assembly of 1886.

"The board has directed that the president of the railroad be notified of the receipt of the petition. Under the law the railroad has thirty days to show cause, if there be any, why the petition should not be granted."

"R.C. Pindell, Esq., has lately disposed of his surplus stock and farming utensils at private sale, the duties of his public office preventing him from giving the attention required for extensive farming.

"Messers. Perry Butler, M. Gibson, D. Chas Myers and Rev. E.C. Ide had a joint threshing on the latter gentleman's farm. The combined crops amounted to about a thousand bushels. Iglehart Bros. completed the big job in one day."

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