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Brew-haha raised over proposed 1965 beer tax [History Matters]

December 1965

"Beer Tax Brews Trouble In Pleasant Living Land


"Maryland's Brewers are in a froth over a proposal by the Hughes Commission to hike the beer tax from three to nine cents a gallon.

"The brewers (there are six breweries in Maryland) say such a tax would be punitive rather than fiscal and that the industry flourishes in a climate where the economics are favorable for growth.


"If the tax on beer is increased, the brewers say, the increase will have to be passed on to the consumer."

One well-known brewery was the National Brewing Co., which at that time, in fact since 1885, was brewing National Bohemian Beer in Baltimore, with the slogan "From the Land of Pleasant Living." In the 1960s the company had a skipjack named the Chesterpeake doing PR duty sailing around the bay promoting the beer everyone calls Natty Boh.

"Thieves Hit High School

"Howard High School was broken into last Thursday night. The intruders took several office machines and checks. Missing were 62 blank checks taken from a book in the office, drawn on the Patapsco National Bank, an electric typewriter, electric adding machine, and a stop watch taken from the desk of Omar Jones, principal of Howard High. The loot was valued at about $500."

"New Site 111 Acres Offered

"The Howard County Board of Education took under advisement Tuesday an offer from a property owner of acreage inside the periphery of Columbia's holdings.

"In a letter to the board, Mrs. Francis B. O'Neill offered to sell 111 acres located on Route 108 between Route 29 and Waterloo Road, and suggested the site could be used for a Howard Community College or an office building for the Board of Education. Both building projects are planned for the near future with sites not yet selected.

"Mrs. O'Neill told the board the tract was topographically good and the location near Route 29 and proposed 195 was favorable.

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"In a second letter to the school board, Mrs. O'Neill set the price for her land at $3,300 an acre, making the total cost $336,300. The board's 1966 capital improvements budged shows a request for $300,000 for the site for a community college."

December 1924

Hoops get popular

"Basket Ball Term Organized

"The Ellicott City Athletic Association met last week in the Ellicott City High School gymnasium and organized for the 1924-1925 basketball season. Hunt Mayfield was elected manager and Carlton Kerger, captain.

"Coach Connais of the St. Charles College team has been secured and from the material on hand and as most of the candidates played football this season, a strong and fast quint should be secured. The first game will be played with St. Charles team at Ellicott City, on Friday, December 19, at 7:30 P.M. A dance will follow the game.


"There will be two teams chosen from the candidates. Those trying out for the teams are as follows: Louis Sheppard, Sidney Hyatt, John O' Brien, DeWitt Porter, Merle Day, Edward O'Brien, Roy Hanson, Edward Wescott, Thomas O'Brien, William Hood, Joseph Malone, Jr., Stephen Sullivan, Henry Laumann, Carlton Kerger, Elmer Cavey, William McKenzie, William Cass, Calvin Lotz, and Dudley Zenter."