Schools for Gorman Road Site


"The purchase of one large tract of land planned to accommodate two schools, was announced this week by John E. Yingling, Superintendent of Howard schools.

In the precedent-breaking move, the school board announced the acquisition of 35 acres of the John T. Leishear property just off Gorman Road near Leishear Road. An elementary and a junior high school will be built on the property within five years. ... .

In another announcement, Mr. Yingling said that the school board had already looked at three sites for public schools in Columbia, Howard's projected new city. ... ."

"A Beastly Story"

"The Times received a report early Wednesday morning from an area resident of Mink Hollow road that a man was attacked by an unknown animal. The informant also went on to state that residents have had their livestock threatened in recent days. Three sheep and a horse are reported to have been attacked by the beast. Could it be a mountain lion?"

"Elkridge Pack Gives Awards"

"Chris Cisna, Kevin Carter, Joseph O'Neill, John Englehart and Francis Prestianni of Den Three put on a skit entitled 'The Right Way and The Wrong Way.'

Douglas Hausknecht, Brian Hausknecht, William Prehn, Charles Prehn, Richard Grant, Richard Hitchcock and Robert Hitchcock or Den Two had a skit on 'Learning and Using New Words in Sentences.'  "

"Social notes"

"Mrs. James C. Forsythe, Sr. is spending the winter in St. Louis, Mo. where she is a guest of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Forsythe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Cramm of East Moline, Ill. will be leaving for home tomorrow after a three week visit with their daughter and her family. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Koppenhoefer of Greenway Dr. While they were here their 35th wedding anniversary was celebrated with dinner at Candlelight Lodge and an evening at the theater.

Miss Darlene Ridgley of Ellicott City spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Albaught.

Mr. and Mrs. Maccubin W. Stinson of Satellite Beach, Fla. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stinson, Friday thru Monday. Mrs. A. Maurice Eastwick and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Eastwick visited the Stinsons on Sunday."

That Florida area was well named as the beach is just across from Cape Canaveral. On a Florida visit, my cousins and I saw such a rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center, while swimming at Satellite Beach in 1966. A rocket looking as if it just rose out of the sea as it headed toward outer space was exciting to see and quite a bit different than our usual aerial sight at Maryland beaches which was small, slow planes trailing ad banners."


November 1924

Cheap ag show

"Court House News: Deeds: Elizabeth W. Dorsey to Anna L. Biggs, 11 3/4 acres, Fourth District.

Thaddeus J. Maloney to Thomas E. Hungerford, 11 acres. Fifth District.

Notice: Agricultural Exhibit and Poultry Show at Highland Hall Thursday and Friday, November 13th and 14th, Free Admission, No Entry Fee on Exhibits, Further Particulars To Be Given"

November 1890

Doc, et al, in the city

"Dr. W. E. Magruder and Mr. Charles Brooks, with Misses Mary Magruder and Eliza Brooks, of Olney, Montgomery County, were in Ellicott City on Thursday."