'Rabid bat on Ilchester Road' [History Matters]

October 1965

Rabid bat on Ilchester Road


"The discovery this week of a rabid bat in the Ilchester Road area has led County Health authorities to issue a warning to residents not to handle nocturnal creatures. Positive identification of the bat as rabid was made by the State health Department laboratory after the animal was killed by a Beagle puppy it had attacked.

"While it is not certain the puppy was bitten, its owner, F. R. Logan of Ilchester Road, has had the pet vaccinated and it is under surveillance."

"When the decision was made several years ago to move the Howard County Public Library out of Ellicott City, few realized the void the move would create. The towns-people, left without public transportation in the early '50s when the BTC stopped running the Junction Jitney, had another 'without' to add the ever growing list — Library service.

"True, the bookmobile does stop on Main Street at designated times, but the limited service it provides is no substitute for a branch Library open each day and providing full library services for the residents.

"Businessman William G. Phillips, who heads a Rotary Club committee considering the problem as a possible Club project, points out that a branch in the town proper could become part of the 'human renewal' program that should accompany the physical, or structural, renewal. He urges anyone interested in bringing the Library (branch) back to Town, contact him a Taylors Department Store.

"It's a project worth everyone's support."

October 1924

The newest words

Ad in Times for dictionary: "New Words, New Words: Webster's New International Dictionary.

"Here are a few samples: broadcast, agrimotor, Blue Cross, rotogravure, Estonia, altigraph, Flag Day, mud gun, Ruthene, rollmop, sugamo, psorosis, duvetyn, Czecho-Slovak, aerial cascade, Devil Dog, Federal Land Bank, askari, cypher, sippio, sterol, Swaraj, taiga, sokol, soviet, realtor, abreaction, hot pursuit, mystery ship, junior college, Fascista, Riksdag, Red Star, paravane, megabar, plasmon, shoneen, precool, S.P. boat, camp-fire girl, Air Council, activation.

"Horse racing schedule: Pimlico Autumn Meeting: November 3rd to 15th, First race 1:45 P. M. to November 8. thereafter 1:30 P. M. Seven Races, Including Steeplechase Dates.

"Dates for important stakes: November 3rd - Manly Memorial Steeplechase, $10,000 added; November 4th - Serial No. 1; November 5th - Autumn Handicap, $5,000 added; November 6th - the Homebred; November 7th - Pimlico futurity, $40,000 added; November 8th - The Ruxton and Serial No. 2; November 10th - Elkridge Steeplechase, $3,000 added; November 11th - The Bowie, $10,000 added."

Social notes: "A  Rummage Sale was held at Grace Parish House on Thursday and Friday for the benefit of the Rectory Improvement Fund.

"Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and family visited Gettysburg, Pa.


"Mrs. James O. Ridgely and Miss Ruth Dorsey attended at meeting of the Alumni at Mt. de Sales Academy on Thursday.

"Miss Elsie Pearson visited Miss Helen Dorsey of Dorsey, Md.

"Mr. and Mrs. Earl Newman spent Sunday at Harper's Ferry."

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, was designated a National Historic Park in 1963. The home of the town's name sake Robert Harper, is still there. Robert Harper ran a ferry service after he obtained the land in 1751.

October 1890

Pocket picked in Baltimore

"County brevities: Mrs. John McShane of Mt. Hebron near Alberton was made the victim of a pickpocket one day this week while in Baltimore.

"Mr. James Hewitt has returned from a week's visit to his parents who reside at Norbeck, Montgomery County."