'Howard Community College to Start September 1967' [History Matters]

October 1965

Community college founded


"Howard Community College to Start September 1967

"Definite plans to found a Community College for Howard County were set in motion on Tuesday at a meeting of the Board of Education.


"The board resolved that the college program will begin in September 1967, on a night time basis, probably at the new Atholton High School, which is scheduled to open in September 1966. The education staff was directed to prepare the necessary cost estimates and course offerings for inclusion in the 1966-67 school operating budget.

"Board members noted that they would not be asking for any substantial increase in funds to operate the college the first year. $37,500 is included in this year's budget for Howard's share of tuition costs of residents enrolled in two-year institutions outside the county. The county contributes $300 per Howard student to the outside colleges, with the state putting up $4,300 and the student paying an average of $225.

"When the college program is ready to move into a building of its own, the state will share the capital expense fifty-fifty with the county. Dr. Harold Reese, Assistant State Director of Higher Education, told the board on Tuesday that there are also state and federal funds available for capital expenses for community colleges where a vocational-technical program is offered."

"Wins Trip to England With 4-H Dairy Team

"As a member of the Maryland 4-H Dairy Judging Team, which won the National 4-H Dairy Judging event in Waterloo, Iowa, Howard County 4-H'er Ross Peddicord will receive a June trip to England. ... .

"He was the winner of the 1964 County 4-H Public Speaking Contest and has exhibited his dairy animals at local and state events. Ross, his sister Cindy, and mother, Mrs. Virginia Peddicord, live on Avoca Avenue in Montgomery Knolls. Local leaders of his 4-H Club are Miss Bonnie Jo Stiles and Mr. William Blackert."

October 1924

Prove you were born

"Keeping Well: Birth Registration; Dr. Frederick R. Green, Editor of 'Health'

"Can you prove that you were ever born? Of course, the natural assumption is that you were or you wouldn't be here. But could you produce legal proof, if necessary, of the time and place of your birth, parentage, and nationality?

"If you could, you are better off than most Americans.

"Birth registration in this country is comparatively recent. While both births and deaths have been recorded for many years past in New England, New York and a few other states, the registration of births in most of our states is a matter of the last twenty years.


"In Europe, birth registration has been in force for many centuries. In this country, not only in the early days, but until comparatively recently, little attention has been paid to this subject.

"Much progress has been made since 1906, when what is known as the Model bill for registration of births and deaths was drafted. Today, every state in the Union, with the exception of Arizona, Nevada, and South Dakota, has adopted this law and has a uniform system of registering and recording births and deaths."

"While South Dakota and Nevada had become states much earlier, in Arizona's defense, it had only entered the Union 13 years before, in 1912."

October 1890

Regarding dogmatic theology, etc.

"There are a few changes in the faculty of Woodstock College, as follows: Rev. John Conway has been appointed president of studies. Rev. Michael O'Brian has been appointed to the chair of dogmatic theology. Rev. T. Brosnahan has been appointed to the chair of philosophy. Rev. John Freeman, late of St. Francis Xavier College, N. Y. has been appointed to the chair of physics. Rev. John Hedrick, long a member of the faculty, is transferred to Frederick City. Mr. Wm. Heuisler, son of Charles Heuisler, attorney-at-law, is transferred to Worcester College, Mass."

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