Ilchester's first Boy Scout troop installed 50 years ago [History Matters]

50 Years Ago

Scouts' honor


"Installed At Ilchester: Ilchester's first Scout Troop, Number 294, was officially installed in ceremonies at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. Al Bucher of the Yingling Ridgely Post of the VFW presented a flag to the new troop and Father Comyns conducted the services.

"Members of the new troop include: Scoutmaster — Eugene Shaffer, Assistant Scoutmaster — John Vaccarino and Senior Patrol Leader — David Otter."


"Elkridge Merchants To Hire Own Police

"Elkridge businessmen are taking steps to 'fill the void' caused by what they feel is lack of adequate protection from the Howard County Police Department.

"At a meeting last Thursday called by Ralph E. Sacker, whose service station at Montgomery Road and the Washington boulevard has been robbed twice in recent months, the two dozen business operators present decided to hire their own police force. A committee was appointed to investigate several private detective firms, checking into service provided and cost involved, before a final decision is reached.

"Chairman Charles E. Miller of the Board of County Commissioners asked the businessmen if they had considered hiring the night watchman, as he had done.  (Commissioner Miller's Elkridge place of business was broken into not long after.)

"The group replied to Chairman Miller's question by saying that, as taxpayers who were ostensibly paying for police protection, they did not feel they should be expected to assume this extra burden, and had even considered deducting from their tax bills as a protest that portion estimated to be allocated for the Police Department."

A potential Thoreau-esque tax-withholding protest in Elkridge, only for a different reason.

September 1927

On the Corner

Social notes from Pfeiffers Corner:

"Mr. and Mrs. Yingling and family of Baltimore visited around the Corner Sunday last.

"One of the latest improvements around the Corner is an Amoco Gas tank which has been installed by Mr. White. It will be very convenient for motorists who use Amoco gas.

"Pfeiffer's Corner is very fortunate in having a school bus running right through the community, and we are glad to say we have nearly a bus load of high school students going from the Corner to Ellicott City this year. We owe the advantage to Mr. C. E. Miller of Pfeiffer's Corner, who has made it possible for a number to go to Ellicott City, who would not be able to go, because they would not have any way."


September 1889

Hail to the chief

County Brevities: "Charles J. Eberhart, foreman of the Viaduct Manufacturing Company, was married Monday to Miss Bessie Johnson, daughter of Thomas Johnson, of 111 William Street, Baltimore. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Stickner. The couple left for Boston. The employees of the Viaduct Company at the Relay House presented the bride with a handsome silver service.

"Mr. Harry D. Gould has secured a position as express messenger in the employ of the United States Express Company.

"Misses Maggie Burgess, Mary Porter and Louis Burgess attended the President's reception and grasped his hand a few days ago."

That was 23rd president Benjamin Harrison, grandson of our 9th President, William Henry Harrison, and great grandson of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Harrison V. He served the Union in the Civil War and rose to the rank of Brigadier General.

While Harrison was in office he wanted to spend federal dollars on infrastructure, on helping Civil War veterans, and on education in Southern states, particularly to use funds to educate the children of blacks freed during the war. Many of his aspirations were blocked.

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