10 chickens stolen from Elkridge home in 1890 [History Matters]

April 1965

Runaway VW bus


"Martha W. Comstock, 16, of Smithsburg and Petra R. Hewett, 17, of Hagerstown were slightly injured Saturday when the Volkswagen Bus in which they were riding ran off the shoulder of Route 40 near the Fair Grounds. As the driver attempted to bring the vehicle back onto the roadway, it overturned and slid some 125 feet on its top.

Community notes: " Glenwood Homemakers held their March Meeting at the home of Mrs. Charles Maddox. Mrs. Joseph Woodward opened the meeting with a reading. President of the organization, Mrs. Elwood Anderson, and members are making plans to help with Spring Achievement Day which will be held in May.

"At the meeting Mrs. Anderson announced a tour of Washington on Saturday, May 8th. Anyone interested may call Mrs. Dora Grimes. A demonstration, 'How to Calculate Your Net Worth and Investments,' was given by Miss Velma Clark. The April meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. O. Miles.

"The April luncheon meeting of the Jessup Homemaker's Club held at the home of Mrs. Carl Schaefer of Sharewood Drive was a busy one and was opened by all repeating the Homemaker's Creed in unison. Mrs. Malone, music chairman, led the fourteen members present in singing 'For the Beauty of the Earth,' an appropriate song for this season of the year."

"The hymn was written by classics teacher Folliott Pierpoint, who spent his 82 years in Bath, England. The hymn's second verse captures April in bloom: 'For the beauty of each hour of the day and of the night, hill and vale and tree and flower, sun and moon, and stars of light.' "

April 1924

Observing Arbor Day

"Arbor Day: April 4th has been designated as Arbor Day by decree of governor Albert C. Ritchie. Arbor Day has been annually observed in Maryland for tree planting since 1884.

"Lumber in this state is now being cut three times as fast as it is being grown and we are using it four times as fast as we are cutting it. This means that we must import the bulk of our lumber from other states. But if our waste spaces were utilized this would not be necessary. there are thousands of acres of land in Maryland now growing nothing, which should be growing timber. the watersheds of many towns should be planted, but if no more important places can be found, at least, plant a tree on the street or highway, school or home ground, for this beauty and shade if affords. Be 'tree growers' as well as 'tree users.' "

Arbor Day in America began on April 10, 1872, with a million trees planted on that day.

If you're looking to do some spring tree planting, check out the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' Tree-mendous program. Also, joining the Arbor Day Foundation will garner you some free trees to plant.

April 1890

Chicken thieves strike

Items from Elkridge: "Chicken thieves visited the premises of Mr. Wm Horsey of this place one night last week and carried off ten of his best fowls.


"Mr. Oscar Banks, a Blacksmith, who so badly wounded himself in the hand is out again and able to attend to the duties of his shop.

"Mr. Harry Rell is catching some very fine fish in his pond net in the Patapsco.

"County brevities: John L. Hill, auctioneer, on Wednesday sold for Joshua N. Warfield, mortgagee, the real property of the late James A. Meredith, advertised to The Times, consisting of 300 acres of improved land near Florence was sold to Rachel D. Meredith for $1,410. Lot No 2, consisting of 258 acres, one half woodland and one half cleared was sold to Joshua N. Warfield for $8.05 per acres.

"Messrs. Herman Hoopes and M.T. Warfield have just shipped two Jersey cows to Pennsylvania by express, from their 'Oakdale' herd, near Florence, in this county. Next month they will make a shipment to Philadelphia to be sold at auction, as the herd has increased beyond their requirements. The whole herd is in excellent condition and numbers about forty."