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'Circuit Court Now In Session' [History Matters]

March 1970

Planning a mall


From an article about the future Mall in Columbia

"Details concerning the future Columbia Mall were revealed at the April 6 Wilde Lake town meeting by Mr. McDermott, who is the senior project director in charge of the development of the mall.


"The first phase, which will encompass some 600,000 feet larger than the Westview Shopping Center and approximately equal to the Montgomery Mall, will consist of two large department stores connected by two rows of double-decked small stores. The two large department stores have been confirmed as Hochschild Kohn and Woodward and Lothrop.

"About nine percent of the stores will be shoe stores and specialty shows will register 16 per cent, a figure well above average."

"Lansdowne Wins" was the headline of a Times sports column:

"Atholton High School won the Howard County Basketball championship and became the county representative in Class A Basketball competition during the District III Playoffs for the right to compete at College Park in the State Tournament finals this week. Their opponent was Southern High School.

"Atholton lost the contest and dropped from competition, and the finals were played Saturday night with Lansdowne High School of Baltimore County taking the playoff title. The Baltimore County club will play at College Park against other class A competitors for the State Scholastic Basketball playoffs."

March 1940

Livestock auction

"Public Sale of Valuable Personal Property, On Friday March 29, 1940 at 12 O' Clock Noon


"Having rented my farm, which is located on the Gorman Road, 3 miles west of Savage, in the Sixth Election District of Howard County, I will sell at public auction the following personal property:

"1 gray mare, 10 yrs old; one black mare, 5 years old; both fine horses, kind and gentle, work anywhere, weigh about 1400 lbs. each. Five head of cows, three fresh, one with calf by her side, 2 heifers, will be fresh in May. All from an accredited herd.

"Terms of Sale, Cash. Samuel F. Hearn, Owner, Roland Maxwell, Auctioneer"

March 1915

Horse court

Howard County Times: Top stories

Howard County Times: Top stories


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"Circuit Court Now In Session:


"Semi-Annual Horse Case Makes Its appearance As Usual, Presenting The Question 'Should A $35.00 Horse Be Expected To Move If You Don't Feed Him?' Magistrate Appeal Cases First Taken Up. Judge Instructs Grand Jury As To Their Methods Of Operation.

"Habit and custom are great things and it seems that this court must have a 'horse case' to start each term, otherwise there is a possibility that everything would not go right.

"For the past several terms, horse cases have commenced the proceedings at each term of the court, and this March term lived up to expectations, as the first case called was the case of John W. Sullivan against Sarah E. Tasco, Committee of Henrietta Johnson.

"Mr. Sullivan was suing for $35.00 owing to him for a horse that he had sold to one Henrietta Johnson, who is now dead. The defense was that the horse did not live up to the guarantee that was given with him that he was a good worker and driver; and, if he was not, the horse could be returned.

"Mr. Sullivan claimed that he had only told the colored woman that it was a good thirty-five dollar horse. Witnesses for the defense stated that the horse was unable to travel or would not travel, being balky. Mr. Sullivan claimed that this was caused that the horse did not have enough to eat. This sale took place in June 1910 and both the purchaser and the horse have since died. The jury was only out a few moments when they returned a verdict of $43.00 in favor of Mr. Sullivan."

Talk about beating a dead horse.