Doctor receives distinct honor in 1970 [History Matters]

March 1970

Billboard honor for doctor


In the Times was a photo of a roadside billboard which featured a picture of Dr. Brumbaugh, with this caption:

"Uniquely Honored: Physician Honored — Elkridge residents, sparked by an idea of the Elkridge Rotarians, thought of this unique way to pay tribute to Dr. Bruce Brumbaugh, practicing physician in the community for over 50 years.

"Dr. Brumbaugh came to Elkridge in 1919 and has maintained his general practice on Main Street ever since. The sign pictured above is located on Route 1 at Bonnie View Lane, while another just like it is situated at Route 1 and the Old Washington Boulevard."

My family also visited the doctor for a few ailments and can bear witness to his dedication; a man worthy of the billboard tribute and an honor for citizens to have had a "Brumbaugh" in their midst.

March 1940

'Military value' highway

"Five-County Committee working for Super Road; Group Seeks Routing of Proposed North-South Highway Through Western Areas Of Counties; Local Body Starts Activity

"At the request of the Howard County Commissioners, members of a five-county committee this week resumed efforts to bring a proposed north-south super-highway through their respective counties. the committee is composed of Howard, Montgomery, Baltimore, Cecil and Harford countians.

"Plans for the super-highway which would be constructed with Federal funds, now are being considered by the roads commissions of Maryland and several other Eastern States. The state officials are attempting to lay out a route for the roadway from Boston to Washington which will be acceptable to Congress as a part of a system of roads of potential military value to be built as a national defense measure.

"As Spokesman for the five-county group, P.G. Stromberg said, 'We are convinced that much interest can be obtain for our plan as compared with the one involving the construction of a bridge over the Baltimore harbor and approaching Washington from the east.' "

Social notes:

"Miss Ethel Radcliffe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Radcliffe of Rockland, was a patient at a Baltimore hospital this week. She has returned home and will soon be about.

"Dr. and Mrs. Walter Keister are visiting Mrs. Keister's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Heath, Norwood, Va.

"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bach, of Guilford, Baltimore, visited at the home of Mrs. Rose Bach, near Grays last Sunday.


"Mr. William Mackinson, of Hill street, is a patient of the Maryland General Hospital, where he underwent a tonsil operation. He is reported improving.

"The first of a new series of spring dances planned by the Hoplite Club of Ellicott City, will be given at Brendel's Manor Park on Saturday March 31. Dancing from 9 to 1."

March 1915

Wipe your feet

Glenelg Social Notes:

"Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Day visited Friday afternoon Mrs. Florence Day, Catonsville, who has been very ill.

"Miss Emma Clark is visiting the home of her brother, Mr. William Clark, at Beltsville.

"Sermon at Westwood Sunday morning, 9:45, followed by Sunday school. Epworth League at 8 o'clock."