February 1965

Leaving on a jet plane


From the Times social news:

"Three weeks ago, Mr. Malcolm Disney of Highland, Mr. Morris Mickols and Mr. Hardy Randall, Sr. of Clarksville arrived in Sanford, Florida for shad fishing. Two weeks later, Mr. T. Ormonde Nichols and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown arrived. The fishing is fine!.

"Mr. and Mrs. H. Jones Baker, Jr. of Mt. Hebron Drive, left Friendship Airport by jet on Tuesday morning of this week for a vacation in Miami and other Florida cities."

The song "Leaving on a Jet Plane" wasn't written until the next year. It was written by John Denver, with a very popular version sung by Peter, Paul and Mary. While Denver performed at venues all over (I saw him in the 1980s at Merriweather), a friend saw him decades before performing folk music at a small venue in Washington, D.C., where I was told he was still using that oh-so-catchy name Deutschendorf.

February 1924

Devoured with avidity

From the "Echoes From The Past" column: "(From news reported by this paper this week, 47 years ago — Feb. 21, 1877).

"Several hundred persons, one of the largest attendances of an entertainment ever held in this city, attended a musical at Rock Hill College, Thursday night, February 22, 1877.

"25 Years Ago — Feb. 21, 1899: J. Milton Denton, mail carrier for one of the rural routes, reported that he had seen a tremendous hawk capture a large chicken and carry it off to the top of a high tree, where the hawk devoured the chicken with great avidity and seeming enjoyment.

"Heavy snows completely isolated Ellicott City from communication with the outside world, the electric trolley service and train accommodation and freight service and traffic over highways being stopped by snow which was in places, 8 feet deep. Electric light service was forcibly cut off due to lack of coal to run the plant and the impossibility of securing more coal."

And we think this winter's nasty!

February 1890

Let's make a deal

Included in the Times column "Capital Jottings:


"Representative Dibble, of South Carolina, advocates the enlargement of the White House.

"It is charged that Mr. Pendleton, of the first district of West Virginia, has caused some feeling among his Democratic associates by his alleged promise to vote for Chicago as the site for the world's fair on condition that certain Western Representatives will support him against the Republican contestant, Mr. Atkinson."

The Chicago World's Fair took place in 1893.

"Peter Jackson, the colored pugilist, was compelled to go to a colored peoples' hotel in Washington. The houses which entertain the white travelling public declined to receive him.

"Efforts will be made to induce Congress to appropriate $100,000 for a monument to revolutionary prisoners who died on the British prison ships."

The Revolutionary War ended 107 years before.