January 1965

Off to college


From the Times social notes: "Martha Godshall of N. St. John's Lane returned to Moore College of Art in Philadelphia January 5th after a Holiday trip to Joliet, Ill. where she visited Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fenoglio, parents of her fiance, Richard A. Fenoglio.

"John O. Gardner Jr. of N. St. John's Lane has returned to the University of Buffalo where he is doing graduate research work and his brother George B. has returned to Johns Hopkins, where he is a first year student, after spending the Holidays at home."

January 1924

Dead Man's Curve

"Fatal Accident Near Elkridge; Woman Crushed to Death Beneath Liquor-laden Car

" 'Dead Man's Curve' scene of more than a score of deaths before the treacherous bend was removed, has claimed its first victim since the State Roads Commission had the curve straightened.

"On Monday night a high powered car, said by the police to have been a rum runner, skidded at the curve and plunged over the 20 foot embankment."

For many making and/or trafficking in illegal booze, the convenience of having Route nearby connecting Baltimore and Washington made rum running to the big cities during Prohibition easier, as long as they remembered to slow down along Dead Man's Curve, even after its rehabilitation.

Having interviewed old timers recalling 1920s' incidents along the boulevard, I learned not only was the curve a threat to booze runners, there was also sometimes that pesky gunfire from police giving chase.

January 1890

Applause bursts forth

From the Legislature column:

"Delegate Linn Congratulated

"The customary solemnity of the house proceedings at Annapolis Thursday was interrupted about 12:30 o'clock by the introduction of this order:


"'Ordered, That the congratulations of the House be extended to Hon. William E. Linn, of Howard, on the happy event of his marriage, and that the best wishes of his fellow members attend him and his better half through life.'

"When Reading Clerk Walter Townsend's melodious voice ceased there burst forth applause in all quarters. Speaker Hubner, without the slightest appearance of confusion, declared in solemn tones:

"'If there is no objection, it is so ordered.'

"There were no kickers."

"Letter From Lisbon

"William Hobbs, who has occupied the farm of Walter Dorsey, near Cooksville, will move to the occupancy of the farm of Rev. L. Shipley, near Hobbs' old mill in April next.

"The new school house is nearing completion. The paint brush has been beautifying its interior, and soon this handsome addition to Lisbon will be occupied.

"Dr. J. L. Killgore has had charge of the protracted meeting at Poplar Springs.

"About $52 was realized from the oyster supper lately held in Odd Fellows' Hall for the benefit of the new school house."

Gleanings from Glenelg

"Rev. C.C. Cook preached an eloquent temperance sermon at Westwood M. E. Church on Sunday 12th.

"The grippe, or more properly heavy cold and influenza, has invaded our neighborhood to an uncomfortable extent during the last two weeks."