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'Mr. Clarence Mitchell, director of the Washington bureau, spoke on the War on Poverty' [History Matters]

January 1965

Ice escapades


Times notes:

"Ice skating has become the winter sport for Donleigh, now that the frozen flooded (purposely) field near the swimming pool offers a close, perfect opportunity. Several adults as well as children were seen having a ball last week. Among those enjoying the nippy pastime were Allen, David and Vincent Short, and Mrs. Helen Short; Mr. Richard Wiseman, Mr. Tom Jones, Kathleen and Ellen Bailey, Debbie, Susan and Phillip Plaskowitz, and Mrs. Jacqueline Gray.


"Representing Howard County at the Maryland NAACP Legislative Seminar and fellowship dinner on January 9 at the International Inn in Washington were Silas E. Craft, Mrs. Evora Robinson, Miss Patricia Snell, Miss Naomi Carter, Miss Jackie Exum, and Mrs. Leola Dorsey.

"Mr. Clarence Mitchell, director of the Washington bureau, spoke on the War on Poverty.

"Groveleigh Drive has new residents. Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Huffman, with their four-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, have moved from Rockville. Mr. Huffman is a member of the United States Army."

January 1924

'Wildest and wooliest'

Movie theater program advertised in the Times:

"Zane Grey's vivid story of the West, 'The Heritage of the Desert,' will be shown at the Century during the week beginning Monday, February 4th.

"There is a very fine cast of players interpreting the various role in this production. It is a Paramount picture written for the screen by Albert Shelby Le Vino. It is a tale of the West at its wildest and woolliest.


"Fred Robbins' Melody boys, an organization of twelve talented musicians, will play a return engagement at this theatre in a special musical art which will be put on in conjunction with the regular program of moving pictures."

The mention of Zane Grey brings memories of  the T.V. show "M.A.S.H." because Grey was a favorite author of Colonel Potter's. "M.A.SH." aired 11 years, from 1972-1983, while the Korean War lasted three years, from 1950-1953. It's a war with an armistice, signed by the United Nations, the North Korean army and the Chinese army, but with no official peace treaty.

"Special Naturalization Privileges To Be Withdrawn

"Clerk of the Court Noll has received notice that the rule of the bureau of Naturalization whereby men who served during the World War could be admitted to citizenship immediately upon application after certain qualifications will be discontinued after March 3, 1924. Mr. Noll wants all former service men to know of this ruling so that any ex-soldier in Howard County who has not been naturalized might avail himself of the opportunity of becoming naturalized immediately rather than waiting three years. Should anyone in Howard County be interested they can learn what steps to take by getting in touch with Mr. Noll."

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The First World War ended six years earlier, Nov. 11, 1918, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, on what we become Armistice Day, the precursor to our Veterans Day.

January 1890



Ads in the Times:

"Beef! Mutton! Veal! Pork! Sausage! Hams! We have constantly on hand a full supply of meats — always fresh — at bottom prices. Our past dealings warrant future satisfaction.

"Orders filled by our own wagon, which delivers the meat at your door, either in the city or in the country. Mrs. D. Kraft, Ellicott City, Md.

"John U. O'Brien: East of the Bridge, Ellicott City. Has constantly on hand a large stock of choice: Whiskies, Brandies, Gins and Wines., Ice Cold Beer Always on Draught, Select Brands of Cigars and Tobacco, Beer Bottled For Family Use. All orders promptly filled. Thanking the public for past patronage, respectfully asks its continuance."