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Star-Spangled Kids in spotlight at Fulton Elementary [Fulton/Highland]

Over at Fulton Elementary School, the following are the last group of the Star-Spangled Kids for the month of April:

4th grade — Zoe Leak, TJ Onwuanibe, Bruno Mourrain, Zack Duncan, Kate Goldscher, Purva Sahijwani, Rhea Kalra, Grace Ko, Aidan Strott, Eliza Thompson, Mehul Sreenivas, Chris Lee, Kendel Vanterpool, Jordan Provenza, Sydney Tarantino and Sabrina Ventoso;


5th grade — Cole Striegel, Marie Danaher, Allison Alston, Lucy Buda, Kadija Koroma, Kareena Jenne, Robbie Reckner, Maxwell Clayton and Jayda Jones.

For May, the first group of Star-Spangled Kids are:


Kindergarten — Lilly Dugan, Luc Le, Radhika Shah, Tristan Carter, Claire Williams, Tina Wong, Kaitlyn Lovette, Kiran Renaut, Caroline Witt and Daniel Yun.

Congratulations to each of you for a job well done.

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