Nineteen students at Lime Kiln Middle School competed for the title of "best speller in the school" in the annual spelling bee on Thursday, Jan. 22.

The competition went into round 23 with eighth grader Christian Maric prevailing by spelling the championship word "honorarium." The runner-up was seventh grader Rohan Uttamsingh.


Some of the words that Christian and Rohan spelled correctly were such tough words as neigh, indocile, noctambulist and umami. Sixth grader Disa Sanwal was second runner up.

Christian will represent Lime Kiln at the countywide spelling bee on March 13. Congratulations, Christian, and good luck at the next bee!

The Lime Kiln Middle School students of the week for the week ending Jan. 23 are Esha Gupta, Olu Olaniran, Nicole Regan, Harshveer Saini, Melena Blankenship, Catherine Bentz, Thandi Romney and Amelia Reese.

Over at Fulton Elementary School, there were also 19 students that competed in the annual spelling bee. Congratulations to all of them. After many rounds, fourth grader Caris Eaton in Jessica Tallman's class took the top honor by correctly spelling the word "festinate". Jason Kang, a fourth grade student in Thomas Dewees' class, spelled his way to second place. Congratulations to Caris and Jason and good luck in the next round.

If you have ever watched "It's Academic," you know the kinds of hard questions that host Mac McGarry and his team of quizmasters come up for the shows. Our own Reservoir High School competed against Aberdeen High School and Notre Dame Prep on the show that was taped on Oct. 18 and aired Dec. 20.

The TV team consisted of Puja Trivedi, Mon Yi Lwin and Rishit Patel and the alternates were Zachary Blough and Pavan Vemulakonda. The team came away as the winners and on Feb. 28, they will be in the playoff match that will air at a later date.

RHS Social Studies Team Lead and "It's Academic" co-sponsor Jan Edlowitz told me in an email that the team practices for about an hour after school every Friday. They use sample questions, watch earlier taped matches of their competitors from the WJZ-TV website and by being aggressive with the buzzer.

Jan wrote that the teams know most of the answers to the questions that are asked, but it's being first with the buzzer that counts. Congratulations for the Puja, Mon Yi and Rishit.

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