Highland/Fulton: Wordmeisters at Lime Kiln spell their way into competition

The Lime Kiln Middle School spelling bee has 32 students competing for the school title and advancing to the school system spelling bee.

The 6th grade spellers are Zara Ameli, Mary Atang, Claire Cohen, Vicky Dubin, Celena Fei, Kennedy Hawkins, Priya Kanneboyina, Rebecca Li, Christian Maric, William Savich, Brigette Wang and Margarete Wang.


The 7th grade spellers are Luke Amato, Ben Kamins, Tommy McCarty, Sofia Mulinazzi, Zane Phillips, Garrett Rent, Brian Ross and Alison Villafuerte.

Finally, the 8th grade spellers are Marvin Bennett, Kenny Dustin, Brendan English, Sean Foley, Rishma Gattu, Sam Greenblatt, Nimah Gulzari, Daniel Kim, Maddie Kwon, Owen Liu, Russell Nesbitt and Colt Pettit.

Good luck to each of you.

The Lime Kiln Middle School students of the week for the week ending Jan. 11 are Melissa Anderson, Erica Wong, Ruiting Jia, Patrick Joyce, Natalie Van Gennip, Allison Ignacio and Sebastian Maric. Congratulations.

Students at Reservoir High School continue to amass scholastic awards.

Nsikan-Abasi Akpan, who was one of several Reservoir students representing the school in the 2012-2013 Howard County Poetry Out Loud Competition, was awarded first place for her outstanding work. Congratulations Nsikan-Abasi and to Matty Valvano, the program coordinator for Reservoir.

Ninth grade student Xavier Canty won first place in the 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Student Essay Contest. Sponsored by the Howard County Office of Human Rights, it's part of the celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Congratulations.

I've gotten a couple of inquiries regarding the appearance of a solar farm on Highland Road, behind Boarman's market.

Dan O'Leary, president of the Greater Highland Crossroads Association, did all the legwork and sent out an email to the association's email distribution list, describing the farm.

"The economic conditions that country faces are not without impact in Highland," Dan wrote. "Pressure from readily accessible retail grocers in the area has had a substantial impact on the financial viability of the market."

The Boarmans have modernized certain areas within the store to control costs and the solar farm addresses another one — the ever-rising cost of energy. Over the course of the next couple of months, the Boarmans will install a berm with some screening plantings that will work to obscure and hide the solar array.