Glenelg High's Robotics Club meets and greets at Grand Prix [Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton]

The Glenelg High School Robotics Club spent a day at the Baltimore Grand Prix showing off the robot the members built. According to Patrick Mullinix, a junior at Glenelg, lots of people visited their demonstration and were very interested in learning about the robot.

The students had the chance to meet engineers for the race cars and explain to them what FIRST robotics is all about.


Mullinix said, "It was a great experience being able to learn about what the engineers actually do for the drivers to make them more successful, as well as keeping them safe in the event of an accident."

Mark Carman, also a junior, said, "I talked with Brad Zimmerman, the Business Development Manager for Chip Ganassi Racing, about the software aspect in the Indy Car steering wheels, and learned how people that came from backgrounds similar to me had come up with ideas to give their driver information and options during a race."

The students met with driver Charlie Kimball, who was interested in what they had done with their robot. "We got to discuss with him about driving an Indy Car and connections between what he was driving and our robot. Ideas that we had put to use on our robot were also being used in Indy Cars," according to Carman.

After demonstrating the robot to members of the public, drivers and their pit crews, the students toured the garage area and the track, and watched some of the qualifying runs for the American Le Mans series. They were able to get close to the Indy Cars and watch the pit crew members they had talked with as they worked on the cars.

Mullinix summed up the day by saying, "It was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot about the racing field of engineering."

Congratulations to the students, parents and staff of Glenelg High School, which was just selected as one of the top performing public high schools in the greater Baltimore region by the Baltimore Business Journal. Glenelg came in at number eight on the list of high schools in the area.

The "It's Academic" team from Glenelg High School taped an episode of the show on Saturday, Sept. 21, at the WJZ TV studios in Baltimore. They competed against Bryn Mawr and South River high schools. The show will air Saturday, Oct. 5, at 10 a.m. on channel 13. The winner of that show will go to the playoffs in February 2014. "It's Academic" is the longest running television quiz show. Good luck to the team from Glenelg.

Greenbridge Pottery will host a Fall Demo Day on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Becky Moy Behre invites her neighbors to watch the Greenbridge artisans at work. Greenbridge Pottery is at 5159 Green Bridge Road in Dayton.

Featured will be clay demonstrations on potters wheel and slab, fiber arts demonstrations of spinning and weaving and even juggling. Music will be provided by April Vega on harp, Bronson Hoover and Rick Ruggles on piano and guitar and the folk acoustic duo Sammy.