The Glenelg High School Dance Team was named grand champions at the Mid-Atlantic Pom and Dance Association State Championship, which was held in March on the University of Maryland College Park campus.

The team consists of Charlotte Benfer, Sarah Cooper, Jasmine Daniel, Bella Galgano, Lina Gomez, Katie Landry, Jenna Shaughness, Brooke Sills, Maddy Small, Amy Smith, Alyssa Vagnoni, Angela Vaysman, Lauren Wright and Nicole Zhang. Terry Newsome has been the dance team director for the past 25 years, and this year the team was coached by former team captains Anna Larimore and Kathy Girling.


Glenelg qualified three dance routines in Division 1 for the State Championships. Before the event began, the Glenelg team held 32 MAPDA State titles and was hoping to receive a 33rd. In the weeks leading up to the competition, the girls practiced continuously, and knew they had good routines, but they were not expecting the final outcome.

The first performance was the Total Package routine. This 4.5 minute dance featured pom, hip hop, kick and jazz dance moves. It was choreographed by captain Sarah Cooper, co-captain Katie Landry and line officers Jasmine Daniel and Lauren Wright. The music was a compilation of Lady Gaga songs, and the dancers wore sparkling costumes with silver boots and masks. The second performance was the Lyrical routine to the song "Life Support," which was choreographed by Katie. The final performance was the Prop routine choreographed by Sarah, Katie, Jasmine and Lauren, and performed to the song "It's Raining Men." The dancers were dressed in bright yellow rain-dresses and boots and carried blue-striped umbrellas.

All three routines received first-place finishes. The team scored three of the five highest scores of the entire event, and then was named the Grand Champions. In addition, the team received Best Choreography Award for the Prop routine, Best Costume Award for the Total Package routine, First Place Captains awards to Sarah for the Prop routine and Katie for the Lyrical routine, and Second Place Captains awards to Sarah for the Total Package routine and to Katie for the Spin-Off competition.

As Newsome says, "This will be an event for the entire dance team to remember forever … the very first time to sweep their categories!" Congratulations to the Dance Team.

Pi Day is celebrated by the Glenelg High School math department on March 14. You may remember Pi, the number which represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and begins with 3.14, from your high school math class. In the early years, the students brought pies to school some of which were eaten, but most to be donated to Grassroots Center.

However. the center could not use all those pies. So, the students began bringing canned food along with the pies. This year, over 3,000 pounds of food were donated to Grassroots and the DC Central Kitchen. This nonprofit organization trains unemployed adults for culinary careers, while they help prepare nutritious meals for homeless shelters and after-school programs. This is a great cause for the mathematicians at Glenelg.

Every year, the Glenelg Choral Department participates in the Howard County District Choral Assessments Festival at Howard High School. For well over a decade, both the concert and chamber choirs have received straight ones in both performance and sight-reading categories.

This year, the comments and ratings from all four judges were all superior, based on musicality, attention to detail and precision, as well as professionalism and demeanor. Several judges felt that the students represented themselves equally with many of the finest collegiate-level ensembles across the nation.

There is great talent at Glenelg. Don't miss the next opportunity to hear the Choral Department perform at the Spring Concert in May.