Glenelg High students take prizes in PTA arts contest [Glenwood/Glenelg/Dayton]

The National Parent Teacher Association sponsors a nationwide art contest called Reflections in Arts in Education to highlight creative students. This year students were asked to use different art forms to express the theme: "The world would be a better place if …"

Many students from Glenelg High School submitted creations to the Howard County level. Gianna Graziano, Baylee Schoffler and Morgan Kemp created works of art in the photography category. Anna Kelly, Jennifer Landry and Katherine Marie Landry performed in the dance category. Mariel Frith, Alex Johnson and Allyson Kim created films for the film category. Nabil Siddiqui worked in visual arts and Nikodemos Koutsoheras, Cole Lahmann and Teresa Kealey-Kustas expressed their ideas in the literature category.


Graziano's photography entry, Kealey-Kustas, Koutsoheras and Lahmann's works of literature; Johnson, Frith and Kim's entries in film and Kelly and Jennifer Landry's performances in dance were all judged to be the best in the county and moved on to compete against student works of art from around the state.

Three Glenelg students received awards at the state level. Cole Lahmann's entry in the literature category called "One Person's Chain" took first place. Anna Kelly's performance called "Hold On" took second place in dance and Jennifer Landry's performance called "Wish" was third place in the dance category.

Lahmann's entry will now move on to the national level for judging. Congratulations to all the students who participated, and good luck to Lahmann.

The Glenelg Symphonic Band, under the direction of Barry Enzman, presented a truly outstanding performance at the recent county high school band assessments. The four judges awarded the band all "Superior" ratings, extending the county and state record, which is currently held by Glenelg, to 39 years. Following the performance Lewis Dutrow, director of bands at Wilde Lake High School, orchestrated a tribute to Enzman. Band directors from schools around the county turned out to congratulate Enzman and wish him well in his retirement. Bravo!

Do you remember Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is 3.1415, then stretches on to infinity? This year, Saturday, March 14, 2015, was the Pi Day of the century, and Glenelg High School celebrated on Friday, March 13, by asking students to bring pies to school. Some of the pies were eaten by hungry students, but 35 were donated to Grassroots of Howard County and over 420 pies and 3,000 pounds of dry goods were donated to the DC Central Kitchen, which serves over 5,000 meals a day in the fight against hunger.

Amy Syversen, the band director at Dayton Oaks Elementary School, is proud to announce the Band Musicians of the Month for March. Congratulations to Tyler Burt, clarinet; Mackie Short, clarinet; Colin Fowler, trumpet; Alexander Thompson, alto sax; Jordan Klein, alto sax; Erika Borowski, flute; Adam Wong, percussion; Megan Ball, percussion; Aaron Meng, trumpet; Russell Geist, tuba; Brady Young, alto sax; Gabriella Passamonti, clarinet; Mayzie Connelly, alto sax; Zorais Naroo, euphonium and Landon Denault, trumpet.

In addition, there are now four students who are Super Scale Stars at Dayton Oaks. These students have memorized all nin e major scales to four sharps and four flats, and the chromatic scale. Whitney Ye, percussion; Ocarina Lin, oboe; Kristina Kim, flute and Taylor Uem, flute are all outstanding musicians.

All of these students impress Syversen every day with their hard work and good attitudes. We are lucky to have great music programs available to students in our county, with wonderful teachers and band directors who work hard helping our students to enjoy music.

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