Mount View Middle School principal Kathryn McKinley, left, presents a check to Maryland Zoo representative Anne Finney during the school's Green Field Day.
Mount View Middle School principal Kathryn McKinley, left, presents a check to Maryland Zoo representative Anne Finney during the school's Green Field Day. (submitted photo)

The enthusiasm of River Hill High vocal teacher Amy Hairston is contagious and has clearly spread to her students.

Twenty-seven choir students worked diligently all year to earn money for a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. For Ben Kitt, Nikki Donboli, Sruthi Budigi, John Xu, Kylie Ferrell and Kimberly Gover, it was their first Disney visit. The kids all had a ball.


Now, you might think a trip to Disney World is all about fun, but this trip was also educational. Students spent hours in workshops conducted by Disney Entertainment cast members and took home a DVD demonstrating their accomplishments, voice-overs and new skills.

Individuals and groups were able to audition for "American Idol" and performed for a live audience on the Waterfront Stage in Downtown Disney. I was delighted to be invited to see the performance along with several parents who made the trip to Florida on their own.

After all that training, the students looked and sounded confident on stage.

Soloists Milan Bhatt, Marissa Rajasekhara and Hannah Floyd did a great job.

Shelby Scott contributed beat boxing to the performance. That was a new term for me.

Beat boxing is a musical technique using ones voice as a percussion section to add an interesting dimension to the chorus. It was really cool.

Having a disciplined group helped make the trip a pleasure for chaperones Lori Scott, Sheryl Mirsaidi and Shalini Gupta.

May 16 is the kickoff date for the summer Thursdays at the Corner programs at Clarksville Square from 4 to 8 p.m. MIX 107.3 will be broadcasting live from the parking lot.

Enjoy music, raffles and special sales. Representatives from Adopt a Boxer will be there and will have a few boxers available for adoption. The fun is free.

The annual Spring Fling is coming to Clarksville Elementary School on Saturday, May 18, from noon until 4 p.m. There is always plenty of fun, food and fellowship for all ages.

Prayers and Squares will meet in the Triadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church social hall downstairs on Sunday, May 19, from 1 to 5 p.m. Each session begins with prayer and ends with food. All are welcome.

You need not be an expert quilter to help prepare lap quilts for those who are ill, grieving or otherwise in need of comfort. Peggy Lee notes that they not only would welcome more quilters, but local quilt requests are also needed.

If you can think of someone you know going through a difficult time who might like the comfort of being prayed for, be sure to pass the word along. To learn more, email or call 301-317-5428. You may also contact or call 301-595-9231.

Rain or shine, come to Christ Lutheran Church on Route 108, just south of Guilford Road, on May 18, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., for a yard sale. All proceeds will go to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center and FISH of Howard County. To learn more go to or contact the church at 301-854-2100 or


Belated birthday greetings to Davis Kazako. Davis joined the teen ranks on May 11.

Hope you had an outstanding day. Enjoy your teens. They don't last long.