As someone who spent most of her professional career as a working mother, I understand why Donna Edwards' message may resonate with voters.

However, if we want to ensure real change, we need a senator who has the qualifications, experience and reputation for getting things done, and that is Chris Van Hollen.


It is crucial to have someone representing us who will create real opportunity for people of all backgrounds, and Rep. Van Hollen has done this his entire life.

He's taken on and beaten the big banks and special interests. He's fought for earned sick leave for workers and equal pay for women.

He's delivered investments in education funding for young people throughout our state no matter what neighborhood they live in.

His history of bringing people together and championing important legislation far exceeds Rep. Edwards' record in Congress.

Candidates must have the necessary skills and the willingness to negotiate with others to actually make a difference. This is why Rep. Van Hollen has the support of so many leaders and activists around the state, including many African-American women who chose to back him because they know he'll get the job done.

Underrepresentation of women in government is a national disgrace. We need more women in public office who will make a true difference. In this race the candidates' records prove who will actually move Maryland and our country forward.

Rather than voting on rhetoric that won't translate to action, we should vote on proven effectiveness that will lead to results. That's why I support Chris Van Hollen.

Connie Lynch

Ellicott City