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Howard County should scrap the food scrap program [Letter]

After researching the county website foodscraps.htm including viewing the "Food scrap pictures from the mini-pilot" located under the Additional Resources sub-heading at the bottom of the page, I am horrified that Howard County is planning to implement the food scrap program in our community.

A significant amount of litter is generated on "blue bin" recycling days, due to either residents overflowing their blue bins, and/or the trash collectors losing some of the bin contents when emptying into the truck. Keep in mind, these bins contain cardboard and plastic bottles, so while it certainly litters the neighborhood, these items do not attract rodents, insects, raccoons, wild animals from the neighboring woods, molding in the bins or unpleasant smells and sights.


The food scrap pictures on the county website tell a different story. What happens when the food scrap bins are either overflowed by residents, and/or the trash collectors lose the contents? I do not want banana peels, rotten apples, coffee grounds, and leftover pizza littering my street and attracting rodents.

The county website notes that the food scrap program is [for the time being] a voluntary program. However, residents who are not participating will be involuntarily affected by the food scrap residue — the rodents, insects and wildlife.


We pay our taxes for the Public Works department to remove these items and bury them far away from the population, not to add health risks while entrenching a third trash collection truck on the county tab. A 20 percent savings in landfill space — as the county website claims will be the result — is not worth the risk to our public health and sanitation.

How do we opt out?

Brian Chwieroth