A Lisbon Elementary School music class has been moved to another room after officials found fungus in a portable there.

According to an email sent to parents Tuesday afternoon, fungus was found on a windowsill in the portable classroom the week before students returned to school in August.


Lisbon Elementary School Principal Michael Caldwell wrote that the fungus was removed and the area was cleaned before students used the classroom, but the growth reappeared in mid-September. School officials cleaned it off again and determined the fungus was caused by water from a leaky window.

Mold found in Centennial High School portable classroom

School system officials recently found mold in a portable at Centennial High School, according to an email sent out to parents on Monday evening.

According to Caldwell's email, the Howard County Public School System's maintenance department has removed the portable's canopy and is making repairs to the classroom to remediate the leak. Maintenance will continue throughout this week, the email said.

The school's Band and Strings classes will be held in another classroom within the building until renovation work is complete and the portable has been tested by an air quality contractor hired by the school system, according to the email.

A school system spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

With Tuesday's email, Lisbon Elementary joins a list of five other Howard County schools where officials have found growths — in the case of the other schools, the substance has been identified as mold — on walls, ceiling tiles and furniture.

HCPSS officials: it's safe to return to Glenwood Middle School

Howard County Public School System officials said Wednesday that Glenwood Middle School, which has been the site of recurring mold and excess humidity issues, is safe for students heading back to school on Monday -- though they also acknowledged they had found mold in a classroom earlier that day.

The most recent discovery, of mold in a portable at Centennial High School, was announced by email a week ago.

A Board of Education-appointed Indoor Environmental Quality Advisory Committee is taking a look at how the school system addresses environmental issues in its buildings. The group meets again Wednesday Oct. 21 at 3 p.m.