Two weeks after Ellicott City flood, three cars remain mired in Patapsco River

Several cars were swept into in the Patapsco River after Saturday night's flash flood that left two people dead.

Three cars remain lodged in the Patapsco River after a major flash flood in Ellicott City swept dozens of cars downstream July 31.

Howard County Fire and Rescue crews removed 19 cars buried under piles of debris, sewage and dirt in the Patapsco River on Friday.


The state's Department of Natural Resources is working on removing the remaining cars, said Stephen Schatz, the department's communications director.

The department is "actively working to secure a contract" to remove the cars as soon as possible, Schatz said.


No information was available on when the cars will be removed, he said.

More than 150 cars that were parked along Ellicott City's streets or public lots and partially submerged were towed two weeks ago to a high school parking lot where owners and insurance adjusters could inspect and claim them.

Compounding the flooding, millions of gallons of sewage overflowed into the Patapsco River after the July 30 flood. The Avalon area of the Patapsco Valley State Park is closed until further notice as crews continue to remove debris and repair damaged areas, Schatz said. The area has been closed since July 31.

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