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Ellicott City to receive federal disaster relief after July 30 flood

President Obama approved federal disaster aid for Ellicott City on Friday, as the historic area continues to recover from a flash flood July 30 that displaced nearly 200 residents, damaged dozens of businesses and left two dead.

The decision comes nearly a month after Gov. Larry Hogan requested disaster relief from the federal government on Aug. 12.


"When this devastating storm hit, we assured residents and leaders in Howard County that our administration would pursue all avenues of support to help our communities rebuild," Hogan said "I am amazed by the resilience of Ellicott City and the surrounding communities and look forward to Main Street again being the focal point of local activity."

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has said the declaration is a key step to fund expensive stormwater management projects that the county cannot currently afford. The declaration opens up funding for projects like infrastructure repair and replacement, hazard mitigation projects, debris removal and other costs associated with the storm.


"This is welcome news for the people of Ellicott City," Kittleman said. "This declaration will help us coordinate and take advantage of the many federal resources available to us. These resources will help us implement long-term flood mitigation projects to rebuild Ellicott City to become a model resilient community."

The state submitted a request for $7.6 million, according to Ryan Miller, the director of the county's Office of Emergency Management.

The flood caused more than $11.9 million in damages, Miller said.

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