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Facts about Olga Butler

Olga Butler

Age: 37


Occupation: Stay-at-home mom and small business owner

Education: BA in Communication, currently enrolled in a masters in business administration and technology program


Previous elected office/community involvement: 12 years of active involvement in PTA, most recently the chair of Project Safe After Prom and Hospitality committees, President of the Long Reach High School Boosters Club for the past 3 years, Board member of the Willowood HOA, member of the League of Women Voters

Goal as Board of Education member: My goal is to work with and help unite our school board to effectively lead and govern so that we remain child focused in every decision, policy and procedure. As citizens of Howard County we share a common interest to make the system work well for all and to do so we must develop a relationship that allows us to work together, whether we agree or disagree. My goal is to be a strong advocate and effective leader capable of collaboratively working with all stakeholders and support our students, parents and educators to provide the highest quality education possible.

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