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Facts about Bess Altwerger

Bess Altwerger

Age: 62


Occupation: Professor of Graduate Reading Education, Towson University (25 years, recently retired, currently Adjunct Professor)

Education: Doctorate in Education, Concentration in Literacy and Linguistics University of Arizona


Previous elected office/community involvement: Founder and National Action Coordinator of "Save Our Schools", a public education advocacy organization. Leadership roles in several literacy related professional organizations. Former Howard County PTA member.

Goal as a Board of Education member: As a board member my main goals are to: Achieve equity in school resources, services and facilities across the county; ensure fair contracts to recruit and maintain the best educators for our county; minimize the impact of standardized testing on students, teachers and curriculum; develop well-rounded, age-appropriate, local curriculum that fosters creativity, critical thinking and love of learning; promote greater public involvement and collaboration in forming Board of Education policies.

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