Kittleman outraises Watson in end-of-summer report

Republican county executive candidate Allan Kittleman posted strong fundraising numbers Tuesday, outraising Democratic opponent Courtney Watson by more than a three to one margin.

Kittleman, a state senator from West Friendship, reported raising $107,457.22 between June 9 and Aug. 18. Watson, a County Council member from Ellicott City, reported $30,976 in funds raised.


However, Watson maintained the financial advantage, with more than twice the amount of cash on hand. She has $644,243.51 in the bank, compared with Kittleman's $308,965.71.

Kittleman's campaign said the summer's fundraising numbers indicated a turning of the tides in the county executive race. Watson has outraised Kittleman in every prior finance report.


"This demonstrates a clear momentum shift as voters begin to assess the candidates and decide who they want to support," Kittleman said in a press release announcing his finance numbers Tuesday. "It's nice to see the people of Howard County sharing our optimism about the outcome of this race."

Watson's camp shrugged off the idea that Kittleman is pulling ahead.

"It is not surprising to see the Republican donors rallying around their candidate," Watson campaign manager Anna Mudd wrote in an email. "With more than a two to one cash-on-hand advantage, we are strongly positioned to convey our message about continuing our excellent quality of life, including our top-notch schools. Courtney has spent the summer talking with voters and not at fundraisers."

Over the two-month reporting period, Kittleman raised funds from 186 individuals, 53 businesses and institutions and six political action committees: $500 from D.C.-based LAB PAC, $2,000 from the Baltimore Political Education Fund, $250 from the Consulting Engineers Council of Maryland, $1,000 from the PAC for Metro Washington Chapter of ABC, $500 from the Transportation Builders and Materials Association and $80 from the Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club.

Watson received donations from 68 individuals, 19 businesses and institutions and four PACS: $500 from LAB PAC, $250 from the Vectren Employees Federal PAC, $250 from the Restaurant Association of Maryland and $1,500 from Whiteford Taylor and Preston Political Action Committee.

Other local races

In the close race for County Council District 1, Republican Kevin Forrest Schmidt took the fundraising lead over the summer, collecting $4,230.89 to Weinstein's $3,350. Weinstein continued to report a cash-on-hand advantage, with $8,536.86 in the bank, compared with Schmidt's $8,116.25.

In the council's two other contested races, District 2 and District 5, incumbents Calvin Ball and Greg Fox opted not to raise money, reporting $0 in receipts while their opponents, Ralph Colavita and Alan Schneider reported several thousand dollars each in earnings.

Colavita, a Republican running against Ball in District 2, reported $2,140 in funds raised and $2,865 in the bank, a number dwarfed by Ball's substantial campaign coffers of $149,419.35.

In District 5, Fox and Democratic challenger Alan Schneider reported closer numbers in cash on hand. Fox has $6,279.12 in the bank, while Schneider raised $750 and loaned his campaign $7,000, boosting his campaign bank account to $4,667.24.

State races

In the race for Senate District 9, Republican Del. Gail Bates reported 6,250, and has $50,337.05 in cash on hand. Democratic candidate Ryan Frederic raised $9,950 and loaned another $50,000 to his campaign, for a total of $83,967.97 in the bank.


Republicans outraised Democrats in conservative House District 9A. Democrats Wally Carson and James Ward Morrow raised $850 and $1,000, respectively, while Republican incumbent Warren Miller raised $7,200 and Trent Kittleman, the second Republican candidate, raised $1,725 and lent her campaign $4,000. Morrow, however, held the lead in cash on hand, with $7,256.65 in the bank, compared with Miller's $6,350.98, Kittleman's $2,334.19 and Carson's $465.

In the new and hotly contested District 9B, Democratic candidate Tom Coale reported raising more than seven times the funds as his Republican opponent, Bob Flanagan. Coale raised $15,826 and and reported $26,182 cash on hand, while Flanagan raised $2,165 and reported $4,903.68 in the bank.

In the Senate races for both District 12 and District 13, incumbents held the financial advantage.

State Sen. Ed Kasemeyer, who represents District 12, has $114,997.95 in the bank and raised $18,450 over the summer. His Republican opponent, Jesse Pippy, raised $3,918 and has $16,351.10 in cash on hand.

In District 13, Del. Guy Guzzone, who is attempting to succeed retiring Democratic state Sen. Jim Robey, reported raising $16,031.84 and has $308,283.32 in total. Republican contender Jody Venkatesan raised $9,700 and has $2,494.41 in cash on hand.

At the House level, fundraising levels were much closer among Democrats and Republicans, many of whom are newcomers to the political scene. But Democrats from both districts, who had primary races to run, held onto the cash-on-hand advantage.

In District 12, Democratic candidates Eric Ebersole, Clarence Lam and Terri Hill raised $1,650, $945.15 and $3,775, respectively. Of Lam's funds raised, $502.15 were from a loan. Going into the fall, Ebersole has $6,884.08 in cash on hand, Lam has $15,000 and Hill has $6,829.71.

On the Republican side, where most of the candidates had announced earning less than $1,000 in previous finance reports, fundraising picked up a bit. Candidate Rick Martel raised $905 and has $765.85 in cash on hand, Joe Hooe raised $4,050 and has $2,089.96 in the bank and Gordon Bull raised $1,013.43 and has $792.65 to spend.

In House District 13, Republican fundraising after the primaries picked up a bit, as well. Jimmy Williams raised $776.50 and has $2,035.08 in cash on hand, Danny Eaton raised $260 and has $706.59 in cash on hand and Chris Yates raised $729.61 and loaned his campaign another $1,500, for a total of $805.09 in the bank.

District 13's Democratic candidates, which include two incumbents, Shane Pendergrass and Frank Turner, had the lead both in funds raised and cash on hand.

Turner raised $4,201.34 and has $51,288.87 in cash on hand, Pendergrass raised $3,702.48 and has $84,114.47 in cash on hand and newcomer Vanessa Atterbeary raised $7,925 and has $3,195.30 in the bank.

The next round of finance reports are due Oct. 24.

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