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President of Howard County General Hospital enjoys cartooning and cooking for a cause in his free time

Shafeeq Ahmed, president of Howard County General Hospital since June 2021, brought a cultural diversity to the institution that mirrors the community it serves. Born in Trinidad of Indian parentage, he grew up in both Laurel, Maryland, and the Virgin Islands; studied at Boston University; and spent three years as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Naval Medical Corps.

An obstetrician/gynecologist by trade, Ahmed, 49, lives with his family in Clarksville.


Here are three things you might not know about Ahmed:

The doctor has a degree of interest in fine arts.


“I’ve always been interested in cartooning; in high school, I drew a comic book for our yearbook, using classmates as characters. During COVID, I got back to art and took up acrylic painting.

“Using YouTube tutorials, I did forest scenes as well as a painting for my wife for Valentine’s Day: a scene of a couple kissing while standing on the side of the road, in the shadows, in the rain. Did she like it? She posted it on Facebook, so that’s a ‘like,’ I guess.”

He’s a caregiver both at work and at home.

“My dad, who is 77, has dementia, so we moved him in with our family in 2019 when my mom passed away. He was a doctor too; we still watch movies together and reminisce about old times. It has been a challenge, especially during the pandemic, but I felt lucky to have him at home rather than at-risk in a facility.

“How could I not help him? Being a second-generation immigrant, I remember all the great things my parents did to get me into the position I’m in. When my mother died, she did so knowing [her husband] was in good hands, and with family.”

Cooks for a cause.

“During COVID, for a United Way fundraiser, I did a one-hour Zoom cooking show. I made Indian butter chicken — the breast sautéed with onions and Indian spices, and with a tomato cream sauce. About 18 people cooked right along with me, in real time. We could see each other and they did real well. We’ve thought of doing it again, but right now my plate is pretty full.”