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We ask residents: What’s the best part of winter in Howard County?

Timothy Banks, chair of the Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies, Howard Community College

Tim Banks

“My favorite part of winter is celebrating the season with the collection of gingerbread houses students create at the Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies at Howard Community College. Their work is an inspiration and conjures visions of sugar and spice and everything nice.”


Tom Connors, Columbia Ice Rink general manager, Columbia Association

Tom Connors

“I absolutely love seeing everyone out at the Columbia Ice Rink throughout the winter season, especially around the holidays. Whether it’s a hockey tournament, Nutcracker on Ice or an open skate, there’s always something going on. This space and our entire CA team get to be part of winter traditions for so many people, and we are very lucky to be a destination for families across Howard County … ”


Kathleen Hayes, founder and instructor, Rise Above Aerial Arts

Kathleen Hayes

“One of my favorite winter activities is to drive around the different neighborhoods to look at the holiday lights and to visit the Merriweather Symphony of Lights — it truly is spectacular. Clark’s Elioak Farm and also local parks, such as Patapsco Valley State Park are other family favorites to get out and get some fresh air.”