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We ask Howard County community leaders: How do you stay motivated to work out?

Daria Willis, president, Howard Community College

“Exercise helps to rebuild the mind, body, spirit and soul. As a leader, there are competing interests that require my time and attention. I must also give to my three wonderful children and my amazing husband. But the one thing that is reserved just for me is my time on my Peloton bike. The positivity from instructors and the sense of community from strangers helps recharge my battery; it has become one of my ultimate forms of self-care. To give to everyone else, I must first give to myself.”

Jen Broderick, executive director, Bridges to Housing Stability

“Gym membership helps me stay motivated to work out. I make sure I keep equipment at home like a yoga mat, dumbbells, things like that. I set aside time on my calendar to dedicate towards working out which also keeps me feeling great.”


Chef Dan Wecker, co-owner, Elkridge Furnace Inn

“I work on a 12-acre campus with four different levels of stairs. I get my exercise from choosing to walk instead of using the golf cart we own. Our campus is beautiful and right along the Patapsco River, which also keeps me motivated to walk. We have greenhouses and gardens. I believe I walk an average of 10 miles a day.”