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Quick Takes: What do you cook to impress guests?

Rachel Carver (32), Howard Community College 2022 Student Commencement Speaker, Graduate in Culinary Arts and Baking, Owner of Raycakes Bakeshop

Rachel Carver, Howard Community College 2022 Student Commencement Speaker, owner of Raycakes Bakeshop

“Typically, when I have guests, I like to cook something that I think they will enjoy. With my culinary background, I can pull off most recipes that I try the first time. However, what most people come over to my house for is cake, especially since creating Raycakes Bakeshop on Instagram where I post cakes that I have made or sold. Everyone always wants a cake for dessert. The recent favorite has been the strawberry cake and mini cheesecakes.”

Pong Amornkit (owner, 33, Burtonsville), Pam Amornkit (owner, 31, Burtonsville), Pun Kaotira (owner, 27, Burtonsville)

Pun Kaotira, owner of Manow Thai

“Pad Kra Pow is an iconic Thai comfort food that transports us to Thailand. Through a perfect balance of the five basic taste flavors, the dish in appearance may be simple, but the flavor profile is complex. The aroma of stir-fried garlic, Thai chillies and Thai basil is reminiscent of Thai street markets. At Manow Thai, this popular dish can be ordered with a variety of protein options and can be prepared to meet various dietary requirements. Served with jasmine rice and add on a fried egg, this dish will satisfy any spice lover.”

Chef David Milburn, CWPC, CHE  (58) Howard Community College Assistant Professor, Baking and Pastry Coordinator

David Milburn, Howard Community College assistant professor, baking and pastry coordinator

“As a pastry chef, baking is going to play a huge role in the dinner menu. Appetizer of Gougères, a cheese puff made with pâte à choux and Gruyère cheese. Spinach salad with caramelized onion sourdough croutons with parmesan cheese and roasted red peppers with a balsamic vinaigrette. Beef Wellington for the main course. A red wine reduction demi-glace sauce, roasted potatoes with rosemary and asparagus. For dessert, a tartlet with a pâte sucrée crust. Filling the first half of the tartlet would be frangipane baked with blueberries. The tartlet’s second half with orange curd and sliced almonds. Sabayon sauce with a tint of roasted orange. The garnish would be a chocolate fan because everyone needs a little chocolate in their life every day.”