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Successful Women: Joan Schnorf

Owner, Fitness Together, Ellicott City

What sparked your interest in your career field?
My interest in personal training was sparked by my experiences with personal training. At the time that I decided to give personal training a try, I was unhappy with my physical endurance, lack of strength and my overall health. I met my trainer at Fitness Together. Felicia spent two years getting me to my optimal fitness level. I gained muscle, strength, endurance, balance. During those two years, we worked hard together and it was fun. In the meantime, I have become passionate about training and it continues to be part of my life. We've all heard about the benefits of strength training, cardio endurance and proper nutrition. Once those habits are adopted, one will feel so good, they'll never want to give them up.


What's been your greatest professional challenge?
My greatest professional challenge has been keeping up with changes in every aspect of the business. Fitness Together is a franchise and as a franchisee, I onboard new programs as they are introduced from the corporate center. In addition, trainers need to stay fresh and continue learning their craft. We continually learn more about optimal nutrition and different ways of combining cardio endurance and strength training. Despite all that, I find my clients love the one-on-one personal attention they receive in the training room with their trainer. That focus never gets stale.

What's most rewarding about your work?
The most rewarding part of this work is when a client comes to us and tells us their trainer has saved their life. Or when a client tells us they can participate in life again because of the changes they've been able to make with the encouragement of the team at Fitness Together.


What advice can you offer women trying to establish their careers?
The best advice I can offer women is to love what you do. If one loves what one does, it is easy to be passionate about every aspect of that job. If one does not know what their passion is, keep an ear to the ground and be open to possibilities. You never know what opportunity might fall in your lap.