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Stanford Grill

Though Columbia’s Stanford Grill knows how to create a high-end, fine-dining experience, one thing that’s not on the menu is a snobby attitude.

“We appeal to everybody,” says director of operations Erick Cooper. “We have all the service points associated with fine dining: wine service, food knowledge, little touches like French press coffee and great cappuccino and espresso.”

But guests don’t have to order a filet with a $300 bottle of wine to reap the benefits of the fine dining environment.

“You can come in and have a burger but not feel like you’re at a burger joint. You can have a burger and still have a royal experience,” Cooper said.

Guests who opt for the steak over the burger won’t be sorry, though. Stanford Grill’s beef selection includes an ever-changing variety of cuts, all of which are high quality, Cooper says.

“Everything is cut in house, and all the food is from scratch,” he says.

“We don’t skimp on it,” he added. “We have a good, healthy 9-ounce filet, a 1-pound strip, a 1-pound ribeye. We’ll go for anything from porterhouses to cowboy ribeye. We’re always running something that people can enjoy.”

Find the Stanford Grill at 8900 Stanford Boulevard, Columbia. Call 410-312-0445 or visit

By Kit Waskom Pollard | For Howard Magazine
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