Steppenwolf causes Merriweather to reconsider rock concerts [History Matters]

August 1970

Mayhem at Merriweather


From a Times article by Carolyn Gross: "Hard Rock Concerts Vetoed Due to Pavilion Disturbances

"No hard rock groups will be booked at the Merriweather Post Pavilion for the remainder of the summer, according to Richard Anderson, General Manager of Columbia, in a statement made Tuesday.


"Due to gate crashing, crowding of the stage by fans, and other disturbances before and during rock concerts at the Pavilion this summer, the Rouse Company has decided not to book several groups being considered for later in the summer.

"Steppenwolf, who performed on July 26 was the last hard rock group previously booked, and the Pavilion management decided to 'wait and see' if there was an overflow attendance or trouble before making a decision on booking more hard rock groups."

August 1940

Fort Meade on FDR tour

"President and Governor Make Inspection Tour; Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Martin Plant and Fort Meade visited

"The State of Maryland, through Governor Herbert R. O'Conor and other State and Federal officials, was host this week to the chief executive of the nation, President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a thorough inspection of some of Maryland's outstanding military and defense points.

"Joining the Presidential Party at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds early in the morning, Governor O'Conor spent an hour with the President inspecting the Government Reservation, and then proceeded with him to the Glenn L. Martin plant, at Middle River, which only Saturday was awarded contracts for approximately $100,000,000 worth of bombers.

"In addition to viewing with great interest the process of manufacture and assembly in the Martin plant, President Roosevelt and Governor O'Conor likewise inspected the progress on the addition now under construction which when completed will bring the Martin employment list to 37,000 men.

"Following lunch the party proceeded to Fort Meade, after which the President departed for Washington.

"Uncompleted Tourist Home Hit by Lightning; Chimney Fires Prolific

"Five time since last Sunday the Ellicott City firemen have answered calls of minor detail, the first to the home of William Gerwig at Pine Orchard to extinguish a chimney blaze. On the same day they were called to the new building being erected by E.M. Hardman at the intersection of St. John's land and the new Frederick road, which had been struck by lightning. Slight damage was reported on both calls."

August 1915


Typhoid a killer

"Typhoid epidemic being controlled: Situation at Glenelg much improved since neighborhood has awakened to the possibilities and has co-operated with doctors in checking disease. Vaccine free to all who want it, ask your physician.

"While this is an epidemic of a severe form of the disease, the Drs. hope that there will not be as many cases as was at first feared. There have been four deaths in about twenty cases. This is three times the normal rate. Several of the cases are running high temperatures, but if complications do not develop all are expected to recover.

"The community is most fortunate in that the physicians are all taking a most unselfish stand in the checking of the disease. They are telling all who look to them for advice that typhoid vaccination should not be delayed.

"A good many families are following this advice even though there is no sickness in the household. It takes at least two weeks for this treatment to protect a person, so there is no time to lose."

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